Some people might not like this, but this is one of the many reasons I love this country @mydubai #technology #try #speeding #now #haha

  • WOW
    12-Oct-2017 17:10:59 PM
    12-Oct-2017 17:11:07 PM
  • 12-Oct-2017 17:41:43 PM
  • Wow! Amazing bro
    12-Oct-2017 18:02:54 PM
  • That’s awesome sir thank you #Dubai 👍
    12-Oct-2017 18:17:49 PM
  • شو هادا ؟
    12-Oct-2017 18:18:50 PM
  • Wow
    12-Oct-2017 18:55:33 PM
  • Cooll💪🔥👌❤🔥🔥🔥🌹
    12-Oct-2017 19:51:59 PM
  • I would like to visit it in future
    12-Oct-2017 20:22:51 PM
  • @moemoneyofficial we need this in the states
    12-Oct-2017 21:22:48 PM
  • Thats awesome they need those in every state love it
    12-Oct-2017 23:28:54 PM
  • Noooo wayyy 😅 That is Emirates Road right?? I have never seen it OMG 😂 thxx for posting it man 🙏
    12-Oct-2017 23:39:21 PM
  • 🚦📸
    12-Oct-2017 23:56:22 PM
  • This is amazing @moemoneyofficial! Be sure to check out my page for fitness tips!
    13-Oct-2017 01:08:02 AM
  • @antheahatoumfitness @sandbuckeye have you see these yet?
    13-Oct-2017 01:25:13 AM
  • What's this??
    13-Oct-2017 03:52:41 AM
  • Is't Radar? Interesting
    13-Oct-2017 04:12:28 AM
  • Awesome post !! Checkout my page and let me know what you think...
    13-Oct-2017 04:37:14 AM
  • So nice one
    13-Oct-2017 04:51:05 AM
  • 13-Oct-2017 05:20:15 AM
  • @morellifit will do! Thanks bro
    13-Oct-2017 10:18:51 AM
  • @aaryanxx a moving radar! 😲😲
    13-Oct-2017 11:44:29 AM
  • @aditya_aventador99 I want to very soon!!
    13-Oct-2017 11:44:39 AM
  • @of_billionaire_mind appreciate it!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼
    13-Oct-2017 11:44:52 AM
  • @iammrishi a moving radar! 😲
    13-Oct-2017 11:45:05 AM
  • @2010billyjohn great page! 👌🏼
    13-Oct-2017 11:45:27 AM
  • @sorayya_ch very interesting
    13-Oct-2017 11:45:36 AM
  • @ehsanhemmaty big time
    13-Oct-2017 11:45:58 AM
  • @mo_yal 💙💙💙
    13-Oct-2017 11:46:08 AM
  • @jalilajones wow is right!!
    13-Oct-2017 11:46:16 AM
  • 13-Oct-2017 11:47:04 AM
  • Yo! Your Page is Dope! What do you do? 🤝🏼
    13-Oct-2017 12:33:35 PM
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    13-Oct-2017 16:11:47 PM
  • That's actually really smart :)
    13-Oct-2017 20:08:28 PM
  • What is it?
    13-Oct-2017 22:47:02 PM
  • What is it?
    14-Oct-2017 04:21:27 AM
  • 14-Oct-2017 11:25:50 AM
  • 😠😡😈
    14-Oct-2017 19:47:10 PM
  • All these people saying what Is it and others saying it's cool help us out WHAT IS IT?!?!
    16-Oct-2017 03:49:51 AM
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