Checkout this crazy bicycle invention. 🚴🚴‍♀️ Have you ever seen something like this before? 🤔 Follow @bellcycles for a chance to buy.

  • It's stupid... You'll get a terrible backpain after you ride it
    12-Oct-2017 15:44:46 PM
  • They are really hard to learn it takes like a month
    12-Oct-2017 15:55:29 PM
  • ummmm... One question... Can u do a wheelie on it! :)
    12-Oct-2017 16:21:02 PM
  • doooope
    12-Oct-2017 16:56:14 PM
  • Is there a purpose of the bike or is just same as normal bike
    12-Oct-2017 17:34:24 PM
  • For a chance to buy? Are you fucking kidding me?
    12-Oct-2017 17:54:11 PM
  • just sit backwards on ur regular bike
    12-Oct-2017 18:20:06 PM
  • Supwerr
    12-Oct-2017 19:07:08 PM
  • What is the purpose of this?
    12-Oct-2017 19:25:01 PM
  • Going up hills by any chance 😂😂😂
    12-Oct-2017 21:18:36 PM
  • yes in the history
    12-Oct-2017 21:21:01 PM
  • Like a 100 years late they already made this but bigger
    12-Oct-2017 21:57:21 PM
  • what would I want that is I have a hover board
    12-Oct-2017 23:16:59 PM
  • or a real bike
    12-Oct-2017 23:17:08 PM
  • or legs!
    12-Oct-2017 23:17:33 PM
  • Great picture😀
    13-Oct-2017 00:24:10 AM
  • No thx
    13-Oct-2017 01:23:25 AM
  • Toooo hardd
    13-Oct-2017 01:23:31 AM
  • I'm lazy
    13-Oct-2017 01:23:34 AM
  • A bike for real and amazing idiot people jJJJa
    13-Oct-2017 01:46:18 AM
  • Italy, 1922 “Velocino”
    13-Oct-2017 06:43:09 AM
  •'s kinda weird but keren sih wkwkw
    13-Oct-2017 09:36:24 AM
  • Welcome to snap-city
    13-Oct-2017 09:55:08 AM
  • How many did she bekome
    13-Oct-2017 10:20:31 AM
  • It's just a cycle where the saddle is in front of the steer (i don't know the English word)
    13-Oct-2017 10:36:14 AM
  • Like anyone will buy that
    13-Oct-2017 11:29:19 AM
  • I have that and it took me 5 mins to get comfortable with it
    13-Oct-2017 21:27:42 PM
  • 13-Oct-2017 23:20:50 PM
  • Stupid
    14-Oct-2017 03:07:46 AM
  • Pressing the Front brake hard and I BELIEVE I CAN FLY.
    14-Oct-2017 05:57:26 AM
  • The question is what's good of it that the regular bike doesnt have??
    14-Oct-2017 11:10:13 AM
  • Why is better than regular bike and it looks not that safe it's stupid wtf
    14-Oct-2017 14:44:41 PM
  • Looks more tiring
    14-Oct-2017 15:36:45 PM
  • Yeah but y
    14-Oct-2017 17:15:45 PM
  • Noo
    14-Oct-2017 20:02:45 PM
  • Song name???
    14-Oct-2017 20:25:36 PM
  • That’s kinda like sitting on a 🚲 backwards
    15-Oct-2017 03:00:26 AM
  • A new way to l
    16-Oct-2017 20:17:50 PM
  • But why? Whe have a normal bike
    18-Oct-2017 07:49:10 AM
  • M m
    18-Oct-2017 20:44:44 PM
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