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【Opening online store】 Thank you for waiting. We are ready to open the store to sell my dragon drawing for international friends. I will update new art little by little. "Pay pal" is not ready but we will use Square payment. Please check it out. all drawing are original drawing by Keisuke Teshima https://dragon.japan-onlinestores.com/ . Which dragon did you love? . #一筆龍 #onestrokedragon #京都一筆龍 #京都 #japantraditional #japantradition #日本伝統 #虹の龍 #rainbow #dragon #桜凛堂 #手島啓輔 #netshop #open

  • respectしてます🐲✨👏
    12-Oct-2017 11:27:24 AM
  • Green one. . Lots of life!
    12-Oct-2017 11:30:51 AM
  • 12-Oct-2017 11:41:56 AM
  • 😍
    12-Oct-2017 11:48:09 AM
  • Your all time besttttt💕💕💕😆😆😆😆💯💯💯💯
    12-Oct-2017 11:58:00 AM
  • Awesome news! Now just keep making more so that once I have money saved there will still be paintings for me to purchase 👍🏼😍... the two gold dragons are beautiful!
    12-Oct-2017 12:06:20 PM
  • 😱😱😱😱👍👍👍👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️
    12-Oct-2017 12:14:09 PM
  • ✨✨💯💯💯✨🐉🐉☯️☯️🙏🏼
    12-Oct-2017 12:14:57 PM
  • Your artwork is amazing!!! Keep it up!!
    12-Oct-2017 12:19:21 PM
  • Hooray! 😀Definitely will buy in the future. I like all of them! 😍👌
    12-Oct-2017 12:19:23 PM
  • 私はあなたの仕事を愛しています。祝福
    12-Oct-2017 12:19:36 PM
  • 12-Oct-2017 12:42:29 PM
  • Oml if only I had money I would buy so many
    12-Oct-2017 13:04:20 PM
  • Absolutely stunning
    12-Oct-2017 13:19:54 PM
  • 😍😍😍😍😍 omg!!! Adorable ♥️💐 in Love with your painting ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    12-Oct-2017 14:36:39 PM
  • 12-Oct-2017 14:56:38 PM
  • *starts saving*
    12-Oct-2017 15:16:45 PM
  • All dragons
    12-Oct-2017 15:23:27 PM
  • @kirstfost holy shit
    12-Oct-2017 15:38:56 PM
  • 🤘🤘🤘
    12-Oct-2017 19:18:10 PM
  • Thanks for opening the store! Dragons are impeccable to say the less. At least I know that the price range is out of league 😊
    12-Oct-2017 20:44:37 PM
  • Thank you! Have been waiting for a while!...is it possible to order specific colour?
    12-Oct-2017 23:12:25 PM
  • @dariatazbash yes. Can you send me MSG. We will contact you in personal
    13-Oct-2017 01:28:27 AM
  • 4th one!
    13-Oct-2017 07:47:51 AM
  • I had changed price. Just mistake yesterday. Please check it again. It become much cheaper:)
    13-Oct-2017 10:47:16 AM
  • All pieces look alive 🐉
    14-Oct-2017 04:20:39 AM
  • Couple of dragons is ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    15-Oct-2017 01:21:06 AM
  • 23-Oct-2017 09:16:08 AM
  • What kind of brush and paints do you use!?
    02-Nov-2017 00:39:17 AM
  • Your art is beautiful 😍🐲
    27-Nov-2017 04:32:11 AM
  • The first dragon ,woooow amazing 😍😍💕
    01-Dec-2017 08:57:05 AM
  • As I love them ALL, the purple dragon is my favorite!!!!! ✨💫🙌
    02-Dec-2017 12:04:55 PM
  • @francoargento a casa nuova
    15-Dec-2017 14:31:43 PM
  • 6th pic! That’d be a great black and white dragon like yin yang! I can see myself buying something like that in the future!!
    20-Dec-2017 04:39:20 AM
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