Video by @thunderboltpigs Hello, world! The time has come for #WeeklyFluff. Today, we are introducing you to Thunder and Bolt ( @thunderboltpigs), two porkers from Tampa, Florida. These brothers love playing in the grass, cooling off in the water and are currently training to become therapy animals. To stay up to date with these pleasant piggies, be sure to follow @thunderboltpigs stat. 🐷🐷⚡️

  • 好猪好猪
    17-Oct-2017 02:46:30 AM
  • Hi I like that pig
    17-Oct-2017 02:54:41 AM
  • Jorok
    17-Oct-2017 02:54:53 AM
  • Omg
    17-Oct-2017 02:57:49 AM
  • I like that pig
    17-Oct-2017 03:15:43 AM
  • Wow, just adorable
    17-Oct-2017 03:47:40 AM
  • 😀😀
    17-Oct-2017 03:51:48 AM
  • Piglet
    17-Oct-2017 04:07:02 AM
  • So cute
    17-Oct-2017 04:10:06 AM
  • @razvan_koko cumperi? 😂😂💪
    17-Oct-2017 04:15:43 AM
  • خوک حرام است
    17-Oct-2017 04:20:48 AM
  • Nngepet yo.
    17-Oct-2017 04:39:53 AM
  • OMG, That's so adorable 😘
    17-Oct-2017 04:46:39 AM
  • When ya just cant quite get the spot! 😂
    17-Oct-2017 04:49:41 AM
  • When ya just cant quite get the spot! 😂
    17-Oct-2017 04:50:18 AM
  • ❤
    17-Oct-2017 04:55:55 AM
  • That was soooooooo funny I loved it 😂😂😂😂
    17-Oct-2017 05:18:35 AM
  • Work Work Work Work Work Work
    17-Oct-2017 05:50:44 AM
  • 😂😂😂😂😂
    17-Oct-2017 06:03:02 AM
  • 😷🤢
    17-Oct-2017 06:27:54 AM
  • So cute
    17-Oct-2017 06:31:17 AM
  • 17-Oct-2017 06:33:42 AM
  • @paulienserty polle hebde vlooie
    17-Oct-2017 06:34:49 AM
  • Kok kalian ada disini:( @theresinababan @sylviarsaragih
    17-Oct-2017 07:59:55 AM
  • Kau nya itu teng, belang2 wkwk
    17-Oct-2017 08:01:22 AM
  • Kau nya itu teng, belang2 wkwk @esterputrids
    17-Oct-2017 08:01:46 AM
  • Yang belang itu kau aha @esterputrids
    17-Oct-2017 08:08:00 AM
  • Want one 😍
    17-Oct-2017 08:16:12 AM
  • ahahahaha
    17-Oct-2017 08:40:23 AM
  • i want one
    17-Oct-2017 08:40:39 AM
  • Fb
    17-Oct-2017 08:52:57 AM
  • Свинья ебаная
    17-Oct-2017 08:55:58 AM
  • 这是在挠痒痒?
    17-Oct-2017 08:58:53 AM
  • Kembaran lu bob @bbbboby_
    17-Oct-2017 09:08:45 AM
  • 17-Oct-2017 09:49:11 AM
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