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  • 08-Oct-2017 05:30:16 AM
  • 08-Oct-2017 06:18:40 AM
  • Its totally boring loung iphone8
    08-Oct-2017 07:04:48 AM
  • 💣💣💣💣 BOoOM
    08-Oct-2017 07:52:20 AM
  • 08-Oct-2017 09:07:09 AM
  • 08-Oct-2017 09:22:26 AM
  • Que chulada dd iphonw
    08-Oct-2017 09:49:00 AM
  • Looks like iPhone7plus
    08-Oct-2017 09:51:10 AM
  • Congrats you wasted your money
    08-Oct-2017 10:34:59 AM
  • @adam_syamil9 hahahaha noice bro ...
    08-Oct-2017 10:38:21 AM
  • Congratulations u wasted your money 🎉
    08-Oct-2017 10:47:34 AM
  • "a iphone" N i b b a
    08-Oct-2017 11:16:03 AM
  • @amalalshuaibii do you want the iphobe 8 plus ?
    08-Oct-2017 11:29:54 AM
  • @p03q iphone*
    08-Oct-2017 11:30:06 AM
  • @p03q maybe not know
    08-Oct-2017 11:30:29 AM
  • @amalalshuaibii you have to wait for like many years to get that
    08-Oct-2017 11:31:32 AM
  • @p03q why 😭😂😂😂?
    08-Oct-2017 11:38:19 AM
  • @amalalshuaibii it's so fucking expensive
    08-Oct-2017 11:39:17 AM
  • @dannykokken oef ze geven Apple ears erbij
    08-Oct-2017 12:51:13 PM
  • Do u have to but the charger separately or does it come together
    08-Oct-2017 13:04:28 PM
  • 😍😍 @saiiooa_
    08-Oct-2017 13:15:28 PM
  • @nneereeeaa_ ese lo tiene la novia de mi aita 😍😍
    08-Oct-2017 13:33:26 PM
  • У моей мамы такой
    08-Oct-2017 14:28:33 PM
  • 08-Oct-2017 15:11:58 PM
  • Me
    08-Oct-2017 15:20:10 PM
  • @idk_milano ja, zoals altijd ?!?
    08-Oct-2017 15:57:52 PM
  • Pixel for life iPhones suck
    08-Oct-2017 16:19:43 PM
  • @dannykokken wireless..
    08-Oct-2017 16:28:39 PM
  • @idk_milano dat zijn gwn normale 😂
    08-Oct-2017 16:39:14 PM
  • @dannykokken lijkt wireless
    08-Oct-2017 16:44:47 PM
  • @idk_milano Jah Okay daar heb je gelijk in 🎉😂
    08-Oct-2017 16:54:24 PM
  • 08-Oct-2017 17:23:26 PM
  • السلام عليكم تكفون ي أهل الخير اللي عنده ملابس أو حاب يساعدني ياللي يقدر عليه الله يجزاكم خير ساعدوني تكفون اللي يقدر لا يبخل علينا 💔
    08-Oct-2017 17:23:53 PM
  • Please follow this page
    09-Oct-2017 05:37:49 AM
  • Wow
    09-Oct-2017 07:13:24 AM
  • NEEDDDDDDD😭😭😭😭😭😭
    09-Oct-2017 10:38:27 AM
  • Цена?
    11-Oct-2017 21:57:18 PM
  • wow great pic !
    12-Oct-2017 12:21:50 PM
  • Цена
    12-Oct-2017 17:55:17 PM
  • Iphone 8 plus 👍 sliver
    15-Oct-2017 13:21:55 PM
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today’s my birthdaaaaaay! 😁 here’s an old favorite pic of mine, since I’ve had no time to take new pics :’( I’m seeing walk the moon tonight in concert and I’m bEYOND EXCITED 👻🎃
True. -J
••| understand, you don't have to be a prisoner to people's actions and people's ideas. understand that you have the power and the keys to unlock the happiness that you deserve. ♥️
[Repost de @colorindodevaneios ] "Sabe, as pessoas vêm para a Itália por vários motivos, mas, quando ficam aqui, é só por dois. Amor e gelato." Lina sempre morou com a sua mãe, mas agora aos dezesseis anos ela se vê sem a pessoa que mais ama. Tudo por causa de um câncer terminal. O último pedido dela foi que a filha fosse para Itália, lugar onde ela estudou e morou por um tempo. Lina obviamente não quer ir, mas acaba cedendo ao desejo da mãe.  O destino é a casa de Howard, nada mais nada menos que seu pai, que ela nem sabia que existia. Isso a mãe dela não tinha falado, então tudo piora drasticamente.  A garota não está nada feliz, mas tudo muda quando ela encontra um diário enviado pela mãe alguns meses antes de morrer que explica muita coisa.  Com a ajuda do seu novo amigo italiano Ren, ela vai fazer grandes descobertas sobre sua vida, tudo isso visitando vários pontos turísticos de Toscana. Essa história me fez feliz, me fez sonhar acordada mais do que já sonho e me ensinou muito sobre o país do gelato, das massas e dos gestos. Amei o tempinho que passei com ele." #livros #books #euamoler #Romances #Intrínseca
question: who do you think Sansa learned more from, Cersei or Littlefinger?
H O G W A R T S . . My crazy talented husband made house wands! He’s got such a knack for creating things. He once made me a quiver and arrows and our first Christmas together he bought a beautiful glass rose and built a stand and dome for it to make the enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast. He’s a keeper for sure! 💛 . . This gorgeous book sleeve is from @sweetsequels shop! Check out all of the books she has represented in her shop available on all sorts of items like mug rugs, tea towels, ornaments, and quilts! Then save 10% on your order with MISCHIEF10 🐾 . . How would you gain points for your House at Hogwarts? Answering questions in class? Quidditch? Excellently written homework? 💬 . . . #thebookferret #books #bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd #bookpets #bookaddict #bookphotography #bibliophile #instabooks #ferret #instaferret #ferretsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #bookstagramfeature #hogwarts #wands #homemadewands #gryffindor #ravenclaw #hufflepuff #slytherin #quigley
Un buen libro y un buen macchiato de otoño. Una espera al tren de las nueve menos diez. Un billete de ida a mi odisea, acompañada tan solo de la noche de un viernes de final de mes. Un viaje sabiendo que aquello es la casa y el camino soy yo. 🍂📖☕️ #georginasnotes #strawberries #coffee #books #odyssey #🍂📖☕️
🍂 seasons change and so do I 🍂 This was my first shooting with @francispizziferri and we really did a great job! It was super creative and smooth and I definitely wanna shoot again with you! Thanks a lot! 😊 About my look? This lovely oversized sweater is not just super fluffy and amazing! It’s a vintage peace that I got second hand! I really wanna show you, that fashion doesn’t always have to be something new. There are also lots of brands, which create clothes out of recyclable material! Or even recycled materials! ___________________________ Do you love reading hilarious books in autumn/winter? 🍂❄️ ————————————
Fall forest adventures 🍁 I'm enjoying fall even more than usual this year- don't ask me why. Everything is so beautiful, colourful and rich. 🍂 Idk what it is, but it's making my soul happy. • Pic by @asilver_turtle 💛 (photography interested boyfriend perks 😂 bookstagram photos! Wooo! 💛)
Ah Friday rears it’s beautiful head yet again, and it couldn’t have come any sooner, I’m eXHAUSTED hahah! Looking forward to going home tonight and reading or watching something in bed! How are you guys spending your Friday night? Any plans for the weekend?
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These are soooo cute I’m just dying over them 🐭🦉🐀Special request from my son Mikie to his 3rd grade class room to celebrate a book they are reading. So fun!!!
I love his photoshoot ❤️😍 - Q: YouTube or Netflix? - A: Netflix
⠀ Пост про книгу,традиционно лайк💛 Можете в сториз посмотреть сколько кадров я сделала,прежде чем добиться желаемого 😷 ⠀ Книга,которую я настоятельно рекомендую купить ПРЯМ СЕЙЧАС,особенно тем,кто хочет научиться быстро и вдумчиво читать. Да-да и такое возможно,причём бесплатно😎 ⠀ ✅Не большой опрос! Кто сколько слов читает в минуту?👇🏻 Наверняка среди вас едва ли найдётся человек,который читает больше 500 слов в минуту🤓Верно?Так вот,после этой книги вы начнёте читать такой объём,да ещё и помнить текст,да ещё и понимать смысл! Достаточно только каждый день читать и проходить упражнения. Серьезно говорю😌 ⠀ О скорочтение мы ещё подробней будем с вами говорить в моём блоге,поэтому ставьте уведомления о публикациях и не зевайте♥️👻
Color me grateful -- and gobsmacked. THE SLEEPWALKER is on Kyra Sedgwick's nightstand. Thank you, Kyra: my day has been made. @vintageanchorbooks @variety #grateful #books #bookstagram
It's a foggy morning off the coast of Newfoundland. Along one side of our billet are wide windows that look over the ocean, and after the cabin has been turned down in the evening, I go around re-opening all of the drapes so we can see the view from bed in the morning. Today it's thick mist over white-capped sea, empty to the horizon. We can hear the fog horn going, and the breakfast trays rattling down the hall.
😭 I shed tears opening this! Longgg time coming! You have no idea how hard I had to push to finish this! My #book is finishedddd #butGod grab your copy! #linkinbio
Herkese merhaba🍂 Bu gün okul nöbetçisiydim.Ordan oraya koşturdum yani.Vakit bulabildiğim kadarıyla işaret dili çalıştım,paragraf çözdüm ve kitap okudum.Şimdi evime geldim mutluyum💃🌸Pek ödevim yok ama pazartesi matematik sınavım var o yüzden baya çalışmalıyım. Verimli çalışmalaar😼
Who is your favourite Harry Potter Character? And can you guess mine? 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ With Christmas coming closer I feel the urge to rewatch all of the Harry Potter movies. Same procedure as every year, potterheads! 🤓❤️ I can never decide which part is my favourite tho. Which one is yours? ☺️
Hapuskan semua hayalan,Lenyapkan satu harapan,Kemana lagi harus mencari,Kau sandarkan sejenak beban diri,Kau taburkan benih kasih hanyalah emosi 😍😍 #school #class #classess #teacher #teachers #student #students #instagood #classmates #classmate #peer #work #homework #bored #books #book #photooftheday #textbook #textbooks #messingaround
“gözlerin gözlerime değince felaketim olurdu ağlardım beni sevmiyordun bilirdim bir sevdiğin vardı duyardım çöp gibi bir oğlan ipince hayırsızın biriydi fikrimce ne vakit karşımda görsem öldüreceğimden korkardım felâketim olurdu ağlardım” #attilailhan #şiir