Featured photo by @dansmoe Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPseasons Change is in the air. This weekend, the goal is to take photos and videos capturing the signs of a new season, as in this featured photo from Daniel Taipale ( @dansmoe). Here are some tips to get you started: Whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern, nature transforms the landscape this time of year. Head outside to seek inspiration in your surroundings — from the fiery reds and oranges of fall to the bright greens and blues of spring. What are your favorite activities in the upcoming season? Show us how you welcome the new season through traditions like autumn pumpkin-carving or planting a new garden. Reflect on what other transitions are taking place in your life, from new classes to new sports seasons. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPseasons hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

  • ggcc x.
    30-Oct-2017 16:51:01 PM
  • Nice place
    30-Oct-2017 23:25:15 PM
  • @em.brown24 you looked like a snack today, parents took phone so this how were gonna talk
    01-Nov-2017 01:21:01 AM
  • 01-Nov-2017 02:09:39 AM
  • Nice place
    01-Nov-2017 04:10:30 AM
  • Wonderful place
    02-Nov-2017 02:30:06 AM
  • 👌👌
    03-Nov-2017 06:48:46 AM
  • Nice pic at the awesome view
    04-Nov-2017 18:15:16 PM
  • прям.....манит.....!!!
    05-Nov-2017 07:30:41 AM
  • la vie est bélle
    05-Nov-2017 15:37:27 PM
  • Wow
    06-Nov-2017 04:47:43 AM
  • Best
    06-Nov-2017 19:58:17 PM
  • Woow.. beautiful place!!! 😍😍
    07-Nov-2017 18:31:22 PM
  • 👌👌❤
    07-Nov-2017 21:04:08 PM
  • la natura non smette mai di affascinare
    08-Nov-2017 07:54:08 AM
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    09-Nov-2017 02:38:00 AM
  • So good
    12-Nov-2017 03:44:23 AM
  • So good
    12-Nov-2017 12:16:27 PM
  • Really good!
    12-Nov-2017 17:19:59 PM
  • Good morning nice place
    13-Nov-2017 06:41:33 AM
  • 👌
    16-Nov-2017 16:16:31 PM
  • love it! wonderful photo ..
    16-Nov-2017 19:06:09 PM
  • Place❤️
    17-Nov-2017 12:55:30 PM
  • Wow niiiiiice
    19-Nov-2017 15:18:56 PM
  • Indonesia kalaaah jaaauh
    20-Nov-2017 09:31:37 AM
  • wow
    23-Nov-2017 15:39:47 PM
  • Восторг!
    24-Nov-2017 18:51:46 PM
  • Бомба
    27-Nov-2017 20:56:18 PM
  • Nice one
    27-Nov-2017 23:08:32 PM
  • عالی بسیار زیباس
    03-Dec-2017 12:42:46 PM
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    04-Dec-2017 22:03:20 PM
  • nice
    08-Dec-2017 16:11:04 PM
  • Ohhh Nature,you’re just to beautiful to behold,thank you God. #wow #.
    08-Dec-2017 16:49:17 PM
  • 🍁🍂🍃😍🍃🍂🍁
    09-Dec-2017 19:16:21 PM
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