Guess what? We've been thinking about our next trip 😋 should we go back to LA for my birthday?? 🙊♥️

  • Hermosa
    29-Oct-2017 03:58:32 AM
  • ❤️💘💘💘
    29-Oct-2017 13:33:32 PM
  • This is actually prison workout.
    29-Oct-2017 20:49:33 PM
  • Meinen Respekt.
    29-Oct-2017 21:31:21 PM
  • Supeebbb👌👌👌
    30-Oct-2017 00:46:36 AM
  • Beauty
    30-Oct-2017 08:20:30 AM
  • 💪
    02-Nov-2017 01:51:24 AM
  • 02-Nov-2017 19:36:36 PM
  • You gives me passion everyday when I get back to home after long tiring work day, only your one picture is enough for my inspiration.... Love you Anllela
    03-Nov-2017 01:50:32 AM
  • 👍👍👍👌👌👌
    03-Nov-2017 05:26:39 AM
  • @algerijn013 ook buik
    04-Nov-2017 13:59:22 PM
  • Nyc
    04-Nov-2017 14:16:46 PM
  • Me encanta ese ejercicio
    04-Nov-2017 16:22:57 PM
  • 😍😍😍
    05-Nov-2017 10:26:49 AM
  • Happy Birthday.
    05-Nov-2017 13:22:17 PM
  • Good Morning.
    05-Nov-2017 13:22:27 PM
  • ✌👌👍🌸👊😘💗
    07-Nov-2017 03:37:35 AM
  • 07-Nov-2017 07:30:56 AM
  • No come to my house @anllela_sagra 😂
    08-Nov-2017 23:52:04 PM
  • Hence the abs
    09-Nov-2017 06:12:49 AM
  • Babie girl in shape for my house .loved by me.
    10-Nov-2017 05:39:29 AM
  • Wow so lovely
    11-Nov-2017 01:51:42 AM
  • Жопак високе виставила
    11-Nov-2017 12:26:40 PM
  • Upp
    12-Nov-2017 22:27:32 PM
  • Presing
    12-Nov-2017 22:32:28 PM
  • 13-Nov-2017 10:33:34 AM
  • O boy pushups, nice nice ! Gotta try this when I go to the gym !!
    13-Nov-2017 14:36:41 PM
  • ❤❤❤❤
    14-Nov-2017 14:14:01 PM
  • 16-Nov-2017 17:03:00 PM
  • Altında ben olsamda aynı hareketleri mala doğru vurdura vurdura yapsan 👍👍
    16-Nov-2017 18:01:54 PM
  • 16-Nov-2017 20:14:56 PM
  • @50_shades_of_dre One of me and Michelle's favs!
    18-Nov-2017 20:08:49 PM
  • 19-Nov-2017 13:47:04 PM
  • @rosan.khadka sakdaina yesto ta 😂
    19-Nov-2017 13:47:52 PM
  • @dipika_bhattarai bistrai huncha
    19-Nov-2017 13:49:53 PM
  • 19-Nov-2017 13:51:39 PM
  • Gökçe bu hareketi denedim sonuç yere lak diye yapıştım 53 kilo olmama rağmen yapamadım çok guçsüzleştim ya @gokcetkts
    19-Nov-2017 18:53:24 PM
  • @maye_sar02 anota esa
    21-Nov-2017 00:15:43 AM
  • dem flared elbows tho
    21-Nov-2017 02:00:28 AM
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