Photo by @gullyguyleo “The way I see it, I’m wearing clothes that have always existed, just in different ways,” says 15-year-old Leo Mandella ( @gullyguyleo), a model and creative from Warwick, England. “I’ve found that fashion is the perfect way to show your personality and what you enjoy through something that everyone else can see.” Leo, whose wardrobe spills from his closet to his room to his family’s living room, is intentional about where and how he captures his fashion. “If I see a nice place on the way somewhere, I take a photo or remember where I am. It’s kind of a game of seeing new places, remembering things, always using your brain.” He’s seen lots of the world but credits his hometown as an influence to his approach: “I find it really quiet here, but in a way that’s good. I’ve never felt like I was copying anyone. And that’s really satisfying.” Learn more about Leo on today’s Instagram story.

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    14-Oct-2017 20:00:24 PM
  • So real
    14-Oct-2017 23:04:03 PM
  • I need to get verified
    14-Oct-2017 23:35:47 PM
  • That A-class premium cinema, though...
    15-Oct-2017 03:15:02 AM
  • very fine
    15-Oct-2017 04:23:44 AM
  • Hello
    15-Oct-2017 06:22:35 AM
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    15-Oct-2017 09:46:04 AM
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    15-Oct-2017 11:55:58 AM
  • So colorful
    15-Oct-2017 12:17:58 PM
  • Хиппи тупой!
    15-Oct-2017 16:35:18 PM
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    15-Oct-2017 16:53:29 PM
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    15-Oct-2017 17:33:21 PM
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    15-Oct-2017 17:47:55 PM
  • Awful style
    15-Oct-2017 18:15:04 PM
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    15-Oct-2017 20:58:11 PM
  • chino pato
    15-Oct-2017 21:37:42 PM
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    16-Oct-2017 02:21:50 AM
  • Mi piace
    16-Oct-2017 03:12:15 AM
  • Nice pic
    16-Oct-2017 06:48:24 AM
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    16-Oct-2017 07:30:35 AM
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