@steven_crawford_photo's beautiful image on copper. Our UV technology is capable of printing on a variety of substrates. What would you like to see an image printed on?⠀ ⠀ #laumont #stevencrawford #fineartphotographer #uv #uvprint #uvprinter #copper

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    05-Oct-2017 16:32:23 PM
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    05-Oct-2017 20:57:23 PM
  • Stainless steel or Iron would be interesting!
    06-Oct-2017 00:25:09 AM
  • @cimaticphoto we actually have a lot of samples on aluminum where the finish is very similar to stainless steel! Check out some of our earlier posts to see some examples
    06-Oct-2017 14:41:54 PM
  • 👌🏻
    07-Oct-2017 15:33:05 PM
  • Can you print on plexiglass without blurring/milkiness? I've had a UV print done, but true transparency was lost.
    10-Oct-2017 01:51:12 AM
  • @rosemary_scottfishburn the uv ink is actually an acrylic polymer so it has a bit of a texture to it so will never be completely transparent like say a duratrans print. However it is more archival than a duratrans print and you can still see light through it.
    10-Oct-2017 15:49:35 PM
  • @laumonteditions my application needs fuller transparency, as I layer transparent photographs to create a 3D image. Currently printing on polyester and sandwiching between plexiglass layers, but always hunting for a more elegant solution.
    10-Oct-2017 16:41:07 PM
  • @rosemary_scottfishburn Oh yes, the uv process would not be good for the complete transparency you're looking for but we do print under trans and we have a mounting department as well if you'd ever like to schedule a consultation.
    10-Oct-2017 17:30:58 PM
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