Photo by @chefjoshr It’s no coincidence that 14-year-old Josh Reisner ( @chefjoshr) has already been cooking for more than half of his life. “Some kids like sports, some like video games — a weird thing about me is that all the restaurants that I go to, I’ll remember every single dish,” says Josh, whose culinary passions landed him on MasterChef Junior. “And not only the dishes that I’ve had, the dishes that my family and friends have had.” Growing up in New York City, Josh was fortunate to cross paths with famous names in food like Andrew Zimmern and David Chang. But he’s not ready to step into anyone else’s shoes. “A lot of people ask me if I want to go to culinary school. I tell them I want to take my own path,” he says. A recent food obsession of Josh’s? Ramen. “Recently, I went on a trip with my parents and my sister to Japan. I actually had 30 bowls of ramen in order to try the different styles,” he says. “The best meal I’ve ever had wasn’t at a restaurant with super fancy tableware and linens; it was at basically a hole-in-the-wall place, and was because of the experience of sitting there, of being in awe of the bowl of ramen and being in Japan itself. That was the experience where I probably learned the most.” 🍜 Watch our Instagram story to see how Josh works his culinary magic in the kitchen.

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  • I just read that ramen is layered with wax that way it cools fast and doesn't stick.. And that it takes the human body 3 days to pass the wax out of our system
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  • Want to share the noodles.
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