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Patient has open-heart surgery while he is AWAKE! The astonishing picture of S. A. shows just how far open-heart surgery has come in the last decade. The 23-year-old went under the knife while he was still very much awake. Doctors chose to numb his body with an epidural to the neck rather than send him to sleep with general anaesthesia. His surgeon said keeping the patient conscious had a number of medical benefits. Lead surgeon Dr V. J., said they had performed more than 600 operations this way since 1999. 'There has been a huge effort in recent times to make heart surgery less invasive. This can be done in two ways. Firstly smaller cuts can be made and this is helped with modern technology and robotics. Secondly we are trying to interfere as little as possible with the body's natural functions.' The patients are given a mild sedative rather than being knocked out - this drops their heart rate but means they can respond to commands. 'If we need them to cough or breathe more deeply to clear air from their heart they can respond. This makes the procedure a lot easier to perform.' As the patient is awake the doctors also have a better idea of how the body is reacting to the surgery from their respiratory system to their brain function. . . What are your toughts on this? Would you dare to be awake during such operation? . Thanks to @medicalpedia for sharing the case. . . . . . . . . #surgery #heartsurgery #cardiacsurgery #science #medicine #medical #medlife #medicalschool #medschool #medstudent #medicalstudent #technology #surgery #surgeon #nurse #nursing #cardiac #heart #anatomy #physicianassistant #doctor #futuredoctor #premed #surgical #resident #residency
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Photographed on assignment by @ciriljazbec for the current issue of National Geographic Magazine. The desire to teach their children about computers drew these Samburu women to a classroom in a settlement north of Nairobi. They are learning about tablets—designed to withstand tough use—that connect to the Internet through a satellite and come preloaded with educational programs. Technology now has arrived in isolated regions of Africa primarily in the form of relatively inexpensive cell phones. This photo was also featured by the magazine’s photo editors in the best @natgeo photos of 2017. Follow more @ciriljazbec #tech #revolution #Africa #rising #new #story #education #tablet #technology #samburupeople #BRCK #Kenya
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