• It was too sweet of a moment not to capture ❤️
    26-Sep-2017 00:42:20 AM
  • Ay me los como 😍
    26-Sep-2017 02:58:26 AM
  • Me encanta :-)
    26-Sep-2017 06:58:26 AM
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Have you entered our rep search yet? Today is the last day to get your entry in, so make sure you do if you’re interested! For more details just check our original post, it’s the one with a purple banner saying ‘rep search’. 😉 💜 Just a reminder that if you haven’t received your tracking number yet please don’t worry — boxes ship out in batches over multiple days and everyone should have their tracking number by Monday evening. Our team is always there for you so if you need any help please contact us at 💜 I’m spending this weekend reading potential books for 2018 boxes, and boy oh boy there are some great ones! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far! 📷 gorgeous photo by @darkfaerietales_
lately i've been thinking about MBTI personalities. i reread (my) INFP's traits & realize i'm probably going through a "hermit phase" as the website mentioned – even though i feel like my hermit phase has been going on for a year l o l 🐢 MBTI is so interesting because it's so!! accurate!! for all the people i know. along with that, i also started categorizing book characters into MBTI; it's weirdly calming. hope you don't mind the #braindump 🤓 what's your MBTI?
I'm sorry but this just shows how great of a person Robb was !!! Jon wanted to hate him bc Robb was simply so good at everything, but Robb was probably really humble at it and never used it to belittle Jon !!! Robb treated Jon like a little brother, not a bastard and that's why this dynamic duo deserved better !!!
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does anyone have a recording of spring awakening? (were doing it at my school. dont know how well make that school appropriate but honestly idc)
it's been a while! i'm back to the study zone for a couple more weeks and after that i'll be back here again for good🤓📖 i have some #bookmail to share with you guys! thanks @bloomsburypublishing for wolf children and @allenandunwin for shadowblack🐺💜 i can't wait to read both books! . also quick reminder that the contest for @jordwatches ends tomorrow! click the link in my bio to enter!😙 . i hope you're all having an amazing day!♥️ . #jordwatches #woodwatches
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. يشارك في #معرض_الشارقة_الدولي_للكتاب سنوياً عدد كبير من المتطوعين ليكتسبوا الكثير من الخبرات الإدارية والمهام الميدانية. جانب من الاجتماع التحضيري لآلية عمل المتطوعين هذا العام Hundreds of young of volunteers find a training ground at #SIBF every year; an international platform where they gain experience and polish their skills. Preps for #SIBF17 underway #الشارقة #معرض #ثقافة #كتاب #Sharjah #Books #Culture
Ready for a very autumnal dinner 🎃🍂
don't worry , no books were injured in the making of this boomerang ;)
“By Gryffindor, the bravest were
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Never! 😏🙅🏼🤓 The hardest part about becoming a digital nomad was getting rid of 90% of my book collection!!! 😭😭 BUT it felt amazing to be able to gift so many amazing books to my friends and the Venice community. And I LOVE that I got to pass on the knowledge and insight that those books have given me! 🙌🏽📚 . . Any other bookworms out there?! Thankfully I get to dive into a new book every month with my #SoulTribe in Soul School!!! 🙌🏼 P.S.- Enrollment will be opening again SOON -- to get on the waitlist, go to #bookworm #soulschool #booksareLIFE #beEPIC
| 21st of october, 11:02 | I really need to do my essay
No sé a ti, pero a nosotros nos encanta acompañar el café de los sábados por la mañana con una nueva lectura. ¿Cuál es tu #momentolector favorito?
¿Y el azul dónde está? 😱 En el vídeo de hoy os cuento cosas... Y os enseño los libros que leí en septiembre. ¡Tenéis el link directo en la bio! 💙 #booklover #booktuber #changes #newroom #books
С этой книгой анатомия станет вашей любимой темой! Уникальную возможность заглянуть внутрь тела человека вы получите с книгой «Человек 3 в 1» – просто откройте книгу, выньте из конверта на обложке трехцветный визир и смотрите: через красное окошко вы увидите скелет разных частей тела, через зеленый – мышцы, а самый интересный – синий – откроет для вас тайны работы органов. И все это стало возможным благодаря эксклюзивным иллюстрациям знаменитого миланского дизайн-бюро Карновски: Сильвия Квинтанила и Франческо Руджи открывают для читателей тело человека в новом, невиданном ранее свете! Интересно?
Today is a hot chocolate kind of day. I’m spending my Saturday consuming a copious amount of this ‘Hot Chocolate for Sassy Characters’ from September’s @fairyloot box whilst coming up with new bookmark designs. This hot chocolate tastes so yummy, I’ll definitely be ordering some other hot chocolate from the supplier in the future. Also, how awesome is the label @taratjah drew for it?! I love it. In other news, I hit 500 sales last night on my etsy, so a huge thank you to all you wonderful bookworms who have supported my shop. It honestly helps me out so much and I could not be more grateful for every single purchase. Especially when I’ve been on leave from work. • This Percy Jackson bookmark was so much fun to design, I had such a blast looking for some quotes because a lot of them were hilarious. In the end, I had to ask for help on Twitter, because I wanted a more meaningful quote for the first Percy Jackson bookmark on my store. Looking at all the quotes though, made me want to start this series, but there are so many books already so I feel a little daunted. The bookmark is still available on my store right now! Link in my bio! • Should I start the Percy Jackson series? Why? (No spoilers, please!)
I’m hosting a giveaway with @littlebrown for The Power by Naomi Alderman! I’m giving away 2 copies in my recent video about feminist books I love and am doing 1 extra giveaway here on Instagram (US only for this one friends). If you want to enter, just comment on this photo on Instagram with your favorite feminist quote from a book you’ve read! I’ll be randomly selecting the 3 winners near the beginning of next month and then will reach out to them individually. If under 18, be sure to get your parents’ permission! Good luck! 💗