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👋Just wanted to say...🙏😘 What a Magical #5ivers Mini 2 Weeks Tour This Was! #OverWhelmed ❤ A lil emosh typing but ill try to make it short, so bare with me lol xx 🎉1st thing is a MASSIVE & HUGE Thank You ALL & EACH (My Crazy Israelian Family & Friends around the world & To Y-O-U Lovelies) So Much for my lovely & amazing Bday Wishes, Sing Songs, Msgs, Texts, Pm's, DM's, Tweets & Posts!😍 If I didnt reply Blame FB/Twitter/Insta lol 😘 U all made me feel SO special - THANK YOU! ❤ 😂It all started when 11 yrs old kid was asked "Do u wanna get down?? Do u wanna get Funky??" although I didnt know what the hell does it mean i said YES & YES Plz 😜 I been told & asked all the time - "Why do u like them so much? Youll NEVER meet them, theyre just celebrities ..." & blah blah BLAH!😋 I AM PROUD to say & Scream in to those ppl 👂s: I AM A PROUD #5iver! EACH of These 5 Men is an Incredible individual! Giving SO Much back to their Fans, Honest in their own special way & they EACH have a 💛Golden Heart💛 #5ive Yrs ago ( September 23rd 2012 ) was the day a 15 yrs old crazy mental dream & SO MUCH MORE came true for me 🎁 From that mo EVERYTHING happened Am honoured & super humbled to have met the boys I look up to! Thank u for givin me ur time & the opportunity! It means alot 😘🙏 #FIVE make me smile, they shine a light so bright when all is dark, cry even when ur happy, inspire me to be bigger than i think i can be, learn new things, Meet New Ppl, Always smile, Keep positive & DARE to DREAM BIGGER! 👌FIVE showed me that Anything is POSSIBLE & Nothing is Impossible!👊🌟 U boys showed me how to blossom & go for my ambitions - No Matter What! Live life to the Fullest! Each of ur songs have a meanin 4 me & to Billions of ppl All round the World & its an honour to see & be a lil part of it!😇 Ive met the most !AMAZING! ppl Across the world, Made friends 4 life, went to places Id NEVER thought Id go - Crazy Adventures!😂 ✋Inspire me to do what i do best & to be who I am today - ME! (Still Reading?😜) 🎉🍻Heres to Year number 31!🎈🎂 Wishin YOU ALL & Each only The Best in life & again Thank You so much for everything you said, I appreciate it ALL! ❤😍😘 -Always Yours- ~*Honey*~

  • OMG J WAS THERE TOO?!?!?!? @? @
    25-Sep-2017 21:26:33 PM
  • @frangipani_mermaid Pic with Jay is from July 1st 2014 on Abzs birthday party #AbzFest x
    25-Sep-2017 21:29:20 PM
  • Scott 😍❤
    25-Sep-2017 21:46:56 PM
  • @abzlove 💛
    25-Sep-2017 22:08:24 PM
  • 👍
    25-Sep-2017 22:20:54 PM
  • 👍 Wow
    25-Sep-2017 22:29:47 PM
  • ❤😍
    25-Sep-2017 22:33:25 PM
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😭
    25-Sep-2017 23:23:35 PM
  • So cool! Sorry can you tell me they are going to Italy with concert? Or if in London when it will be? And now just 3 of them sing?
    25-Sep-2017 23:24:16 PM
  • @polinarazumovskaya Nothing was confirmed yet for Italy or for London but you can find all the updates on the Fans group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/100226483423687/
    25-Sep-2017 23:54:44 PM
  • OMG! J 😍
    26-Sep-2017 00:46:50 AM
  • Keep it up!
    26-Sep-2017 03:43:01 AM
  • @katya_kotova у знакомой в ленте)))
    26-Sep-2017 05:32:15 AM
  • Thanks for the emotion Honey. We love ya ⭐
    26-Sep-2017 06:53:26 AM
  • Класс!!!Красавчики!!!!!!!
    26-Sep-2017 07:01:11 AM
  • @sfgirlkate знаю знаю
    26-Sep-2017 07:55:03 AM
  • @honeyhaguli thank you, one day would like to visit their concert, because many years far I was fan 😂☝️
    26-Sep-2017 09:13:03 AM
  • @honeyhaguli I'm ready to go to every city in Europe for concert. But of cours would like to see all of them ❤️and talk if it's possible
    26-Sep-2017 09:15:15 AM
  • @honeyhaguli send me the link of group in direct please 🙏🙏🙏
    26-Sep-2017 09:17:16 AM
  • brought tears in my eyes reasing the whole thing. you deserve so much more your getting hun, just because you are giving so much more to each of us. ❤ thank YOU for being the lovely person you are 💋💋💋
    26-Sep-2017 11:36:20 AM
  • @polinarazumovskaya Sent u the link in Direct msg x
    26-Sep-2017 13:23:14 PM
  • Does J have a fb or IG or twitter? Or do you know anyone who talks to him?
    27-Sep-2017 04:17:24 AM
  • you deserve so much you are fantastic thanks to what you do 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
    27-Sep-2017 04:59:40 AM
  • @disneyland7 Sadly no. Jay does not have any social media profiles x
    27-Sep-2017 09:25:30 AM
  • Picture 9!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🍩😍
    27-Sep-2017 14:19:37 PM
  • 💛
    27-Sep-2017 14:42:34 PM
  • I love the picture of you outside the Grand St Leger Hotel, brilliant 👍🏻
    27-Sep-2017 16:56:59 PM
  • @honeyhaguli awww. I've been trying to get a hold of this Mom Marilyn
    27-Sep-2017 22:07:43 PM
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