Hej på er allihop! Fr.o.m idag t.o.m torsdag får ni boka: - 45 minuter massage för 350 kr (ord.pris 500 kr) - 60 minuter massage för 400 kr (ord.pris 600 kr) - 90 minuter massage för 600 kr (ord.pris 850 kr) - 120 minuter massage för 850 kr (ord.pris 1100 kr) Gå in på: Skriv "Rabatt" som meddelande när du bokar 👍🏻 OBS. Dessa priser kan naturligtvis inte kombineras med andra erbjudanden eller flergångskort som redan är rabatterade.

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Straight up I don’t wanna come
It's been an incredibly chaotic week for my city--the school was robbed, then some kids broke into a house and threw a party, then at another party a gun went off 4 times, then there was a SWAT standoff??, my friends and I have concluded we are cursed and must perform a sacrifice to appease the gods we have selected Murphy from @once_upon_a_lime_ he will be sacrificed with a flame thrower may fate be in our favor