• ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 @midwestrico the world saw you today #takeaknee
    24-Sep-2017 19:23:22 PM
  • @doegirlnezz ✊✊✊ thank you! Tagging him πŸ’œ
    24-Sep-2017 19:25:40 PM
  • and top it off with the black panther salute
    25-Sep-2017 01:02:29 AM
  • @528i_biglou what does that even mean?
    25-Sep-2017 01:03:26 AM
  • @melly_melz80 In the 1960s the fist salute became a symbol of black-power militant groups in the US like the Black Panther Party which carried out armed citizens' patrols to monitor police behaviour in California during the 1960s.
    25-Sep-2017 01:06:15 AM
  • @528i_biglou 😘
    25-Sep-2017 01:08:15 AM
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