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Circa Nov. 2014 This was one week out from Miami nationals in 2014. Still my favorite picture ever taken by my dawg @alphadesignphotos. Since then we've done some great work together. Idk exactly what it is, but we just make magic together... S/O to the plug Jimmy @alphadesignphotos new magic coming before the Arnold classic in March. Stay tuned y'all... #Levels #ArnoldClassic
No habrá paz para los malvados 💪🏻 Kratos is in da house 😡👁 únete a la comunidad entrando en @planesfit_app #PlanesFit #PlanesFitTeam
Cutting Foam by Datron CNC on Youtube Follow @theblonde
⚪️ Thank you @kissimmeemuscle for letting us have the gym for a photoshoot🤙💯 • • •⚪️You guys definitely need to check out this gym, @kissimmeemusclegym it's an old school bodybuilding gym for the grinders, go getters and people that just love to work hard. • • • Located in kissimme,FL 5 miles away from Celebration. I am proud to say that this 24 hour gym is one of my new homes that I will be using for a long time. Not to mention they have so many machines that chain gyms simply just don't have.. Check this gym out you will not be disappointed . • • •The owner of the gym is named Jonathan Mcgrael who is a former bodybuilding and NPC Champion. Walk in, and show Jonathan my IG. Let him know I referred you and he will be sure to hook you up🤘🤙 • • •⚪️ @gymshark New Release Ark T-Shirt Color Forest Green. Go get yours now ! 🤙 • • • PC 📸 @jcastellanossoto Make sure to follow him🙏 • • • #gymshark #photoshoot #legs #quads #hamstrings #gym #muscles #shredded #nutrition #supplements #orlando #kissimmee #celebration #florida #kissimmemuscle #inspire #motivate #tattoos #lifestyle #legendary #thanksforreading 🤙
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