• It's annoying AF when I'm trying to enjoy a show or moment and idiots keep jumping in front of me because they want to take photos constantly or film the whole thing. Come on... Your memory can't be THAT bad!
    23-Sep-2017 18:45:57 PM
  • I just like to take a few not 3000 I usually dont even take any
    23-Sep-2017 18:47:43 PM
  • no one is asking you this lmao
    23-Sep-2017 18:49:56 PM
  • 23-Sep-2017 18:51:52 PM
  • 23-Sep-2017 18:59:27 PM
  • 23-Sep-2017 19:02:38 PM
  • Word
    23-Sep-2017 19:13:15 PM
  • 23-Sep-2017 19:20:09 PM
  • @shabby.16 EXACTLY
    23-Sep-2017 19:30:52 PM
  • Lmao fuck you if I wanna take a picture to remember a moment of going too 🙄😂
    23-Sep-2017 19:56:58 PM
  • U act like u cant take them AND enjoy the momsnt
    23-Sep-2017 20:05:52 PM
  • Love this post
    23-Sep-2017 20:14:25 PM
  • You have a great instragram page!!
    23-Sep-2017 20:42:22 PM
  • @_caylin__ exactly like I take pics so I can remember the moment and how it felt
    23-Sep-2017 20:44:13 PM
  • I mean, if you take a photo, you can perfectly remember the moment forever. Sooo who's the real winner here?
    23-Sep-2017 21:09:39 PM
  • I was at a music event and the girls in front of me were videoing the whole thing right in my view, so I couldn't even watch except through a crappy phone video 😑 just enjoy the moment
    23-Sep-2017 21:16:17 PM
  • It takes me a second to take a picture. I can take pics, enjoy the moment, and have pictures, so that I can show my family members, and my children in the future.
    23-Sep-2017 21:54:28 PM
  • Same
    23-Sep-2017 22:01:00 PM
  • Real Shit
    23-Sep-2017 22:13:28 PM
  • @nati_787 I agree ! A pic takes a second and last a life time .. when people are gone what's left ? Pictures ...
    23-Sep-2017 22:19:51 PM
  • That was me yesterday at my Son's wedding. I asked my friends to take pics for me. I just wanted to enjoy every single moment of the precious day. Am so glad I did :)
    23-Sep-2017 23:08:40 PM
  • I'm sorry I have a terrible memory and like to share and relive stuff, but sure shame me for taking photos of a day I'd want to remember ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    23-Sep-2017 23:34:55 PM
  • SAME
    23-Sep-2017 23:56:19 PM
  • Me
    24-Sep-2017 00:18:44 AM
  • @ammber_sun But you think that picture will last so your mind won't remember it as much and if that picture erases... who's the real winner?
    24-Sep-2017 00:20:42 AM
  • @iluvhoney710 it's called backing up your photos to a cloud & hard drive. I have every single picture I've taken for the last 10 years backed up.
    24-Sep-2017 00:23:10 AM
  • Shut the fuck up
    24-Sep-2017 03:19:21 AM
  • 24-Sep-2017 04:43:26 AM
  • While youre busy making petty self righteous posts lol
    24-Sep-2017 05:40:21 AM
  • Me dang it
    24-Sep-2017 06:22:14 AM
  • Same😂😂😂😂
    24-Sep-2017 08:18:39 AM
  • 24-Sep-2017 09:00:27 AM
  • 24-Sep-2017 12:01:57 PM
  • I mean, if people want something to look back on later you can't shame them for it smh
    24-Sep-2017 13:43:21 PM
  • But what could do both?!! I like to be there, and enjoy it, and make memories, but I also like to take a couple pictures, to look back and share said memories 😉
    24-Sep-2017 14:54:48 PM
  • I can understand. But i have bad memory. So it's nice for me to have pics/videos I can reflect on and remind myself of that day.
    24-Sep-2017 19:58:15 PM
  • 🙌✨
    28-Sep-2017 23:46:49 PM
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