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🔶If you were an American GI or Marine fighting during WW2, what would you take as a war trophy?🔶 This picture shows an American soldier as he shows off his bat display of captured weapons including an MG-34, and MG-42, 2 MP-40’s, and an MP-38. The weapon sling around his back is most likely his own US standard issue M1 Garand Rifle. This photo was taken during the Normandy Campaign of the Second World War. When US troops entered the European or Japanese theaters of war, they obviously were trying to give their all for their country and hopefully live in the process, but the idea of acquiring a war trophy would also be in the mind of many. I would say the most prized trophy’s in the Japanese Theater would be the Nambu pistol or a Japanese flag. In the European Theater, the most prized trophy’s were the Luger pistol, German helmet, StG44, German Nazi Flag, it MP-40. The Luger stands out as the most sought after though as it was not given to every German soldier, and mainly officers had them. Thus, acquiring a Luger meant you killed an officer, or at least found one dead. Lugers were also just sometimes found abandoned, and the first GI to find it was a very lucky guy. Some sold their Lugers back home years after the war for some good money, but many kept them as a symbol of what they went through and that they prevailed through the horrid eclipse of humanity that was WW2. During the breakout of Normandy, the Germans were put into a hard retreat in the west facing hard US strength. Since most of the German armor and elite troops were in the eastern sector facing British and Canadian troops in and around Caen, the US were easily able to move west and then subsequently southward. The British capture of Caen combine with a Canadian drive south and US move eastward after moving south, the entire German Normandy garrison was trapped in what became known as the Falaise Pocket. Although most of the Germans would escape, 50,000 would be captured and 10,000 killed. They also had to leave all their equipment behind, and thus Normandy became firmly allied. This equipment yielded vast amount of sought after Lugers. The German retreat to the east also opened the path to Paris.
Watch the overjoyed reaction of a 16-year-old and his classmates when they learn he got accepted to Harvard. #harvard #education #college #student #school
Photographed on assignment by @ciriljazbec for the current issue of National Geographic Magazine. The desire to teach their children about computers drew these Samburu women to a classroom in a settlement north of Nairobi. They are learning about tablets—designed to withstand tough use—that connect to the Internet through a satellite and come preloaded with educational programs. Technology now has arrived in isolated regions of Africa primarily in the form of relatively inexpensive cell phones. This photo was also featured by the magazine’s photo editors in the best @natgeo photos of 2017. Follow more @ciriljazbec #tech #revolution #Africa #rising #new #story #education #tablet #technology #samburupeople #BRCK #Kenya
I just found out that London Tipton was a parody of Paris Hilton. I can be so stupid sometimes #did #you #know #fact #point , #education #amazing #dyk #unknown #facts #daily #facts💯 #didyouknow #follow #follow4follow #f4f #factpoint #instafact #awesome #world #worldfacts #like #like4ike #tag #friends Don't forget to tag your friends 🤘
خلال زيارة مفاجئة لمدرسة الرباحية الشمالية، كم احببت عفوية كادر المدرسة والطلبة #تعليم #مدارس #الأردن #حب_الأردن During a surprise visit to the Northern Rabahiya School, loved the spontaneity and excitement of both the teachers and students #Education #School #Jordan #LoveJO
#BuildStrengthinYourWeakAssFoot! 🤪You don’t need arch supports🛠, cushions, and all this BS to lift your flat arch… your foot has its OWN muscles and supports to lift the arch. Connecting with your feet and getting control of these muscles will take time, persistence, and patience.⏳ As you continue to do strengthening exercises like the one in this video and many others that we have shown, your muscles will reshape the arch of your foot and automatically hold it there when you are walking🚶‍♂️, running🏃‍♀️, jumping🤾‍♂️, etc. . . For this exercise, there are a few variations that you may want to try depending on how disconnected 🚷xyou are with your feet. If your feet are super flat and you are having trouble moving the toes and gripping the floor with your arch, hold onto a counter or pole and work on grabbing the floor. If you have the strength to lift the arch (without just rolling to the outside of your foot), then try this exercise without holding on to something. If you can do that for about 1 minute, then grab a weight ⚖️and hold it on the same side that you lift the leg as shown in the video. Hold that for 1-3 minutes, making sure to keep that arch engaged. . . 🚫Don’t just roll your foot to the outside while doing this. As shown in the video yesterday, your weight should be dispersed across the foot evenly with your ears👂, shoulders🤷‍♀️, hips🕺, knees, and ankles in line with each other. -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️ #BeTheExpert! You can learn to transform pain into core power!  The MoveU online program will help you rethink pain, balance your frame, and live an empowered life.  Learn more, and begin improving today by registering for a free trial at, or simply click the link in our bio.⚡️ . . #MoveU #ControlYourself #backpain #back #painrelief #Fitness #Crossfit #getfit #fitfam #lol #education #learn #powerful #empowering #Strength #Mobility #happiness #health #wellness #posture #prehab #footpain #plantarfasciitis #kneepain
Please keep your eyes on the road when driving! 😱 . A young gentleman sustained a road traffic accident resulting in friction burns and degloving, loss of lateral malleoli, and segmental loss of peroneal (fibular) muscles in the left ankle and leg. The patient’s leg survived! 🙏 . The initial evaluation of a person who is injured critically from multiple trauma is a challenging task, and every minute can make the difference between life and death. . The airway is the first priority. Assess it by determining the ability of air to pass unobstructed into the lungs. Critical findings include obstruction of the airway due to direct injury, edema, or foreign bodies and the inability to protect the airway. Next, evaluate the breathing to determine patient ability to ventilate and oxygenate. Critical findings include the absence of spontaneous ventilation, absent or asymmetric breath sounds. After, evaluate the circulation by identifying hypovolemia, cardiac tamponade, and external sources of hemorrhage. Inspect extremities for quality of perfusion, determine whether the heart tones are auscultated, and determine whether the external hemorrhage is identified and controlled. . Many advocates suggest providing first aid only if the victim has life threatening injuries. If the victim has injuries that require bandaging, splinting broken bones, or using other advanced first-aid techniques, it’s generally recommend to wait for professional help, especially if you know it is on the way. Keep the injured person as still as possible. Talking to a victim can go far in calming the person. Pack clothing or bandages around the spine or broken bones to prevent movement. Stop any bleeding by applying direct pressure to the injury with bandages or clothing. Elevate the area bleeding to chest height if possible. If the victim is conscious, ask the person to apply pressure to help calm any shock. . If you or a loved one are experiencing these conditions, go to the emergency room immediately to prevent any further complications. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone! 🤓 . FOLLOW US & TAG YOUR FRIENDS!
GOT TIGHT HAMSTRINGS? . So if you've seen any of my hamstring stretches, you may notice that I keep a slight bend in my knee. This is because when you 🔒lock the knee out, you can tension the sciatic nerve before the hamstring. And since the goal is to get a max hamstring stretch, we want to use the approach that lets us sink in the most.↔️ . So as, @quaddoc demos here, keep a slight bend in the knee. You should feel this in the belly of the muscle. If you feel it behind the knee, that's not an optimal hamstring stretch. Make this small tweak and you'll finally be able to break through those tight hamstrings. . Now I gotta hop on a 🛫plane back to Orlando but hit me up in the comments if you have any questions and I'll help you out as soon as I touch down. Tag a friend with tight hamstrings and share the wealth! . 🎵"Havana"-Camila Cabello (Nitsuga remix) . #Prehab101
Every time I come back to my fathers house I find things that take me back to when my passion for Project Apollo began. It was 1998 I really wanted a trumpet which was unfortunately more than 100 dollars and we couldn’t afford that at the time but one day while shopping at a Sam’s club warehouse I saw these Apollo Program tapes which were on sale. My mother then told me, if you really want those tapes tell your dad that instead of the trumpet you want these tapes and you would forget about the trumpet and it worked. By that time I had already seen the film Apollo 13 dozens of times and loved space exploration but these tapes of the real missions at such a young age educated me on how project Apollo worked in regards to the technical aspects of the missions, it was an awesome time in my life - Jay #apolloprogram #projectapollo #moon #space #spaceexploration #flight #aviation #nasa #astronaut #astronauts #pilot #pilots #kennedyspacecenter #johnsonspacecenter #universe #universetoday #astronomy #awesome #vhs #1998 #instagram #instagood #sylmar #exploration #education #saturn5 #lunarmodule #commandmodule #epic