• Love that ❗️💕
    22-Sep-2017 21:01:56 PM
  • @blackfrenchdandy thank you! Thinking of those chilly autumn days!
    22-Sep-2017 21:10:36 PM
  • Love this color 😊
    22-Sep-2017 21:32:13 PM
  • @grammainabox Thanks!! Brown is a great neutral color to use with almost any coats! Is it getting cooler now it's Fall?
    22-Sep-2017 21:39:38 PM
  • Happy Fall! 🍁🍃 Love your color combinations! 😍
    22-Sep-2017 22:37:42 PM
  • So pretty !! Love fall !
    22-Sep-2017 22:54:44 PM
  • Looks so warm :)
    22-Sep-2017 23:23:18 PM
  • @knitalogy thanks Joliene! ♡ I can't quite wear a warm scarf, but it's getting closer than usual. September is usually a nice mid to high 80s and that's nice in SoCal.
    22-Sep-2017 23:27:06 PM
  • @chirpchirpdesigns thanks so much Robin! Are you making your pumpkins this year?
    22-Sep-2017 23:50:07 PM
  • @terlisdesigns they are!
    22-Sep-2017 23:50:23 PM
  • @mycountryangels we had a few days of 50 degree weather when the Hurricanes were happening, but back in the heat again, was 91 today. It'll start cooling down more by mid-October 🍂🍁
    22-Sep-2017 23:59:22 PM
  • @mycountryangels ooo I like it in the 80s! And i go cold so easily, sometimes i still need a shawl especially in the evenings! Haha We been having a weird summer here, was in the low 60s a couple weeks ago and now it's actually warmer lol..
    23-Sep-2017 00:18:38 AM
  • @knitalogy I completely understand! The weather is supposed to be warm next week. We'll all catch a cold!
    23-Sep-2017 00:49:26 AM
  • @grammainabox In the past it was cold in November, but I'm thinking it'll be much earlier.
    23-Sep-2017 00:52:05 AM
  • It's too hot to think about scarfs atm, but it's coming! I'd love all that warmth when it finally cools down. 😉
    23-Sep-2017 01:15:54 AM
  • @onestarryday oh man! It's wild to think it's chilly one place and hot in another!
    23-Sep-2017 01:36:45 AM
  • Loving the colors!
    23-Sep-2017 16:04:48 PM
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