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    02-Oct-2017 06:38:30 AM
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Foto del día... #photography "Aprender a ignorar las cosas negativas de la vida es el camino directo a encontrar paz y felicidad"
Time to paint the walls! 😄 1:12 scale. By @mini.enthusiast Follow @URBANSPOON
#TAKEOVER: 'Every year since I moved to Sydney I've always enjoyed photographing during the annual @VividSydney Light Festival. The harbour really comes to life with so much light and colour. This year I had the opportunity to photograph it from on top of one of the rooftops. A vantage point that I have always dreamed to photograph from and it certainly lived up to its expectations. Watching the sunset light fade with the Vivid lights turning on from up so high really put everything into perspective.' - @_danieltran_, who's taking over our account this week. Shot Notes: EOS 5D Mark III with a EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens 120" | f/14 | ISO 100
Tim #JakmarVelocity ternyata #timnike , #dongengemasDanang ah, jadi gue dulu sempet ngebayangin, mungkin nggak ya orang secupu gue bisa disupport sama brand kesukaan gue, ternyata dengan usaha doang nggak ngarep hasil, dan stop ngerendahin diri, alhamdulillah dapet !!! Semangat terus ya kawan, usaha nggak pernah bohong