• 24-Sep-2017 02:44:25 AM
  • What is this called ?
    25-Sep-2017 01:41:02 AM
  • What is this process called?
    25-Sep-2017 06:52:13 AM
  • @kibbles_here Punch needle
    25-Sep-2017 08:02:29 AM
  • @ashtuck punch needle
    25-Sep-2017 08:02:45 AM
  • @aaashleighb it's needle punch embroidery. Or punchneedle depending on where yer from.
    25-Sep-2017 11:10:44 AM
  • @sayouch 這個感覺好好用喔
    25-Sep-2017 13:13:44 PM
  • @missdoubleworse stoo je ovoo 😍😍
    25-Sep-2017 13:36:16 PM
  • @blankabonic hahah rucni rad, ja mislim da ja to znam raditi ili nesto slicno 😁 pokazat cu ti 😊
    25-Sep-2017 13:38:38 PM
  • @missdoubleworse znam, al kakva je to igla?? Haha bas dobro 🤗🤗
    25-Sep-2017 13:43:42 PM
  • 25-Sep-2017 18:30:25 PM
  • 26-Sep-2017 11:32:49 AM
  • 26-Sep-2017 11:59:35 AM
  • @iljesse02 這是啥
    26-Sep-2017 18:42:43 PM
  • @sayouch punch needle
    26-Sep-2017 18:44:21 PM
  • Como é o nome disso?
    27-Sep-2017 01:07:51 AM
  • @j.aviles1323 my new hobby
    27-Sep-2017 06:05:46 AM
  • What do you use to make that?
    27-Sep-2017 22:14:50 PM
  • @colmernar this reminds me of you and my grandma
    28-Sep-2017 03:34:38 AM
  • Your grandma sounds like a cool lady! @claire_lavelle
    28-Sep-2017 10:38:04 AM
  • What's name of this ?
    28-Sep-2017 12:08:27 PM
  • 28-Sep-2017 18:31:51 PM
  • Does anyone know what this tool is?
    28-Sep-2017 22:04:07 PM
  • @steviewizard needle punch
    30-Sep-2017 17:08:35 PM
  • 😍
    08-Oct-2017 19:25:57 PM
  • @maryam_potter_ @k.parent_13 it's done with a punch needle
    08-Oct-2017 22:46:54 PM
  • I love this work😍🌷
    09-Oct-2017 02:46:09 AM
  • 11-Oct-2017 14:24:20 PM
  • @noemirozemare dit is zo satisfying.
    11-Oct-2017 14:27:32 PM
  • @noemirozemare dit wil ik doen
    11-Oct-2017 14:59:57 PM
  • @sabine.emk ik ook
    11-Oct-2017 15:00:11 PM
  • Bu malzemelerin adı ne ???
    12-Oct-2017 20:06:50 PM
  • @sea_line this one too but I don’t have that thing lol
    25-Oct-2017 15:57:26 PM
  • @kmialerivera Quierooooo
    27-Oct-2017 05:00:33 AM
  • What is this called??
    04-Nov-2017 18:30:41 PM
  • Omg I'm buying this @authormrschinaboo
    16-Nov-2017 21:13:47 PM
  • وای چقدباحاله گونی بافی😍
    26-Nov-2017 14:28:36 PM
  • @mahi._.000 گونی بافی ،وسایلاشوخرازی هادارن طرح بنداز روگونی بباف
    26-Nov-2017 14:29:30 PM
  • اسم اینا چیه ؟
    10-Dec-2017 17:10:37 PM
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