Travelling - It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller #travelphotography #travel #seychelles #myhappinesz 📷 @luckysngh

  • Pretty 😘😘
    22-Sep-2017 08:54:55 AM
  • Oh that place 😍
    22-Sep-2017 08:57:09 AM
  • Sooo beautifull place lovely😊😊you r lokking soo cool white angel love you soo much and cutepie ivaan take care 😊😊😊....
    22-Sep-2017 08:59:04 AM
  • @myhappinesz Caption😍💋💋💕
    22-Sep-2017 08:59:44 AM
  • missing you soooo👄💋👄💋👄💋❤❤❤❤❤ #KOMALSGIVEAWAY
    22-Sep-2017 09:02:03 AM
  • So true di! ❤
    22-Sep-2017 09:02:25 AM
  • Awesome 👍
    22-Sep-2017 09:08:34 AM
  • Yes evn i wana go so wld like to knw @divya.bohra
    22-Sep-2017 09:10:07 AM
  • That's true👍
    22-Sep-2017 09:18:00 AM
  • So pretty click
    22-Sep-2017 09:25:13 AM
  • nice!!! <3
    22-Sep-2017 09:30:10 AM
  • Great gallery
    22-Sep-2017 09:45:43 AM
  • Beautiful place...Nd more more more beautiful komal di..😍😍😍😍
    22-Sep-2017 09:53:46 AM
  • Just wow d water colour amazing ...I can sit at such places for long hours for sure ...wish to visit Seychelles soon ..
    22-Sep-2017 09:55:59 AM
  • I too need a vacation.... 😐
    22-Sep-2017 09:56:19 AM
  • g
    22-Sep-2017 10:01:08 AM
  • Nice click..👌👌
    22-Sep-2017 10:14:16 AM
  • You are giving major travel goals, Komal! 😘
    22-Sep-2017 10:44:55 AM
  • Yeah very true...😍😍 I love such beaches...😍😍😍❤❤😘😘
    22-Sep-2017 11:00:38 AM
  • Ur bagpack???😍😍Where is it from??
    22-Sep-2017 11:07:51 AM
  • 22-Sep-2017 11:41:15 AM
  • Love it! Can't wait to see more vlogs!!! Loving the Gucci back pack!
    22-Sep-2017 11:41:57 AM
  • where is todays vlog😿
    22-Sep-2017 12:12:04 PM
  • Heartttttt this backpack
    22-Sep-2017 12:18:27 PM
  • Woww love the picture 🌼
    22-Sep-2017 12:25:23 PM
  • @myhappinesz Plz do what's in my backpack..
    22-Sep-2017 12:38:01 PM
  • Waiting for your vacation dress videos
    22-Sep-2017 13:19:37 PM
  • Picture goals @myhappinesz
    22-Sep-2017 14:21:34 PM
  • Nice pic dii @myhappinesz
    22-Sep-2017 17:03:45 PM
  • Awesome
    22-Sep-2017 17:06:13 PM
  • Lovely pic ❤️
    22-Sep-2017 19:10:41 PM
  • ❤❤❤❤
    23-Sep-2017 07:15:11 AM
  • Nice pic di @myhappinesz
    23-Sep-2017 07:32:46 AM
  • @myhappinesz Loved u outfit.can u Tell me were it is from?
    23-Sep-2017 09:41:54 AM
  • @myhappinesz I love ur vlogs so much 😘😘 loveeee ur bracelet but it's always out of stock kinda...and lucky is so lucky to have u 😍😘❤️🌈
    23-Sep-2017 20:06:28 PM
  • That view💜
    26-Sep-2017 04:32:45 AM
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