Pottery in real-time. No, this is not slow motion. Instagram videos are speed edited to fit the 1 minute format. But this is what it actually looks like. Slow🐢 ____________________________________ #ceramics #pottery #clay #crafts #handmade #artisan #slowmade #makersgonnamake

  • Watching the video in real time makes me way more anxious than the quick versions lol - always very impressed by your throwing skills
    22-Sep-2017 12:42:56 PM
  • Skrrrrt! 😛
    22-Sep-2017 14:23:38 PM
  • Finally! I always wondered what your real speed is :)
    22-Sep-2017 14:40:54 PM
  • @thelandjumper --yes! definitely give it a whirl
    22-Sep-2017 14:45:25 PM
  • @tortus --thank you! that would make a great photo!
    22-Sep-2017 14:52:15 PM
  • Poetry in motion ✌️
    22-Sep-2017 15:17:21 PM
  • Hermoso tu trabajo.... eres un artista del gourmet 😍😘😘😘😘❤💕
    22-Sep-2017 15:27:05 PM
  • Please come to Western New York 😭
    22-Sep-2017 16:06:12 PM
  • 22-Sep-2017 16:17:00 PM
  • 22-Sep-2017 18:38:08 PM
    22-Sep-2017 18:38:17 PM
  • Do you ever use different types of clay?
    22-Sep-2017 19:19:12 PM
  • love! Need to get me a piece one day 🔥
    22-Sep-2017 19:19:30 PM
  • Mmmmmmmm
    22-Sep-2017 21:26:55 PM
  • 👍🏼😍so is that a sponge in your outside hand ?
    22-Sep-2017 21:58:10 PM
  • @_princess_esh_ the clay wouldn't do anything.
    22-Sep-2017 22:11:56 PM
  • @thelandjumper I don't pull with a rib
    22-Sep-2017 22:16:00 PM
  • @ryanreichceramics but my wheel spins fast
    22-Sep-2017 22:16:28 PM
  • @evaristoart I actually spin the wheel pretty fast though.
    22-Sep-2017 22:19:05 PM
  • 22-Sep-2017 23:11:54 PM
  • @tortus thank you 😂😂
    23-Sep-2017 00:14:10 AM
  • I don't know how your arm doesn't bump the side of the pot on the inside. That amazes me. And to be that steady!
    23-Sep-2017 00:37:59 AM
  • Is that stoneware clay? Looks a little grittier that previous throws I've watched.
    23-Sep-2017 01:22:35 AM
  • @tortus I was always taught one must abandon conventional measures of time when working with clay. We are on "Geologic Time."
    23-Sep-2017 01:57:42 AM
  • Love real time ❤️
    23-Sep-2017 06:02:57 AM
  • I stopped looking at Instagram pottery videos for sometime because whenever I did I tried to unconsciously emulate the speed of the potters
    23-Sep-2017 11:37:29 AM
  • @tortus *relatively
    23-Sep-2017 19:54:00 PM
  • 24-Sep-2017 02:57:54 AM
  • this one @p.hillipkim
    24-Sep-2017 17:55:44 PM
  • Amazing
    24-Sep-2017 18:49:51 PM
  • post more in real time!!
    24-Sep-2017 19:37:01 PM
  • Is that a sponge or a rib in your hand?
    25-Sep-2017 12:52:00 PM
  • What are you using for the outside? A rib or sponge?
    27-Sep-2017 01:26:38 AM
  • I've always wanted to see this in real time! thank you! ♡
    28-Sep-2017 02:53:20 AM
  • So mesmerising!! Love your work!!
    29-Sep-2017 18:59:41 PM
  • W O N D E R F U L pull there, tortus!
    30-Sep-2017 07:12:35 AM
  • @cleomelvin real time...not sped up
    04-Oct-2017 10:58:21 AM
  • @nolan.wilson26 I bet he has two sponges
    04-Oct-2017 17:08:02 PM
  • @nhidsumweed look @ this sexy mans do art
    19-Oct-2017 18:40:29 PM
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