• another one!?
    22-Sep-2017 02:30:19 AM
  • @_seandavison ya new winter car selling the sliver one this one is one owner and only 123 000kms
    22-Sep-2017 02:32:33 AM
  • @ryan240sx damn👌🏼 how much and where'd ya score her
    22-Sep-2017 02:33:05 AM
  • Nice
    22-Sep-2017 02:39:56 AM
  • I love mine
    22-Sep-2017 04:00:39 AM
  • @wanabevo ya I got a sliver wagon right now too but a buddy is buying it so I thought I'd pick up another one for a daily and I love the blue
    22-Sep-2017 04:02:29 AM
  • 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
    22-Sep-2017 22:16:21 PM
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