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This is the element gallium, it's a metal that turns liquid at 86F (30°C) From By @sopopomo
View from the new Cycling Ireland accommodation in Alarò. 👌 Day 1 of training camp done and dusted. We had a number of 5km efforts to do on track with a focus on technique rather than speed. I still managed to hit a new max HR and second highest 5s and 1min heart rate of all time though!🤦🏼‍♀️ Thanks to @knight_josie for coming along to train with us and give us some really helpful feedback. Looking forward to learning loads over the next few days! Heading out for dinner now and I'm gonna eat ALL the food. 😋💃 I hope everyone is having a good week. 🤗
Tomorrow! I head off to Iceland with @alexstrohl and a good crew i’m sure, to live out exploring the rest of Iceland, not just that little southern bit. We head to the North Eastern side of the Fjords and do some crazy things. Excited as ever to team up with @inspiredbyiceland to help promote the rest of their incredible country. There’s lots of beauty out here in this world of ours so let’s go find it! #1924us #alexstrohl #inspiredbyiceland #explore #go #adventure #travel #binoculars #tattoos #life #inspiration #journey
Great to have these 2 in my corner 👊👊 #DreamTeam