Detalhes que fazem toda diferença! #apaixonante #moderno #Sejaquemvocêquiser #SejaLookfashion

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Families that exercise together..HAVE FUN TOGETHER 💪🏼❤️💙💚💪🏼 (Link to watch the full video in profile) Can you guess the locations from each of these clips?? 🌍 /// #family #bucketlist #exercise #health #fitspo #fitness #travel /// @garrettgee @settie4444 @dorothyseven @manillagee @thebucketlistfamily
Bit of a positive vibe today - Woke up feeling so good as I've so many things to be grateful for and I'm surrounded by the best people ever 😊💪🏻 Lately I found myself focusing on all the wrong/irrelevant things. It's so easy to get caught up in negative thoughts but I always tell myself; if it won't matter in 6 months time, then it shouldn't matter now either 🙌🏼 Changing your focus & your outlook on life seems hard but in reality it isn't. I'm such a huge believer in the law of attraction - Think positive and you will bring positive experiences into your life; think negative and negative things will follow🙌🏼 There is nothing you cannot do, or cannot have. There are no limitations in the world and the only thing that stops you from doing your best and living your dream life is YOURSELF. If you want something, work for it. Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny. - Yes, the photo has absolutely nothing to do with my mantra. #positive #happy #fitness #health #happiness
"I couldn’t LOVE this more. @edbyellen" - @theellenshow #Ellen, we have to agree. 😍🐾 🎥: @swissyorkie. The song? 'Mi Gente' by J Balvin. #Zumba #ZumbaDog #PuppyPower
When you find your love at first sight 🤤❤️ #TaylorMega #Dubai
WORKOUT like a Mad Man/Woman 👹 Order Yours➡️ Filmed➡️ @jackdmedia #hyphymud #hyphyaminos #supplements #fitness #healthylifestyle #commercial
Thinking of travel plans for 2018 🌴🌸 Where is on your list to visit? Where shall we go and film workouts next?! @coco_resorts