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Where in the world are you guys spending Christmas? 🎅 @louboutinworld @roberto_cavalli @guess
Yo sueño con superarme todo los días!. Compártanme ustedes con qué sueñan!😉💪🏻😘. #rtr #fitness #christmas #navidad #reflexiones #goals Photographer @nicolefholmes Lencería: @marivalenceria
Today is Day 25 of my Calf Raise Challenge. The main goal has always been to be active! If you wanna join the challenge simply add #dhooban20calfraise2017 to your post. Let’s get it 💪🏼 *PS I know these aren’t Calf Raises...The goal is to get Solid, Well Rounded Legs 💯
Thank you to my partner @alliedcontigo for allowing me to attend this beautiful show @cirquedusoleil ❤️ #luzia #alliedcontigo #ad
People practice yoga to improve flexibility, gain strength, touch their toes, rock a handstand, do the splits, do a cool arm balance, find inner piece or simply because it feels good. None of these reasons are “wrong” or lesser than the others. So let’s stop categorizing who is a real yogi and who is not. We are all on this earth together for a very short time. There is room for all kinds of yogis. The reason you get onto you mat is your own and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. You do YOU... live and let live. 🤘🏼 . Tomorrow’s #NaughtyOrNiceYogi4 challenge pose is Downward Facing Dog. This revolved variation is one of my absolute faves! . Don’t forget to check in with my home dogs ... @victoria.arvizu and @gabriella.dondero. Feeling good in @aloyoga. ❤️