Best request for a personalised gift wrapped message ever! Eve Fine this is what we are talking about!! Self love first. Rosalena offer free gift wrapping & personal messages with any order 🎁 and we will give FREE sample worth £5.50 to anyone buying for themselves just because you deserve it. 🙌🏻💕 #selflove #investinyourself #WellbeingThroughSkincare

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The only permission, the only validation & the only opinion that matters in our quest for success is our own. You will never be able to please everybody in life so stop trying. Follow your heart & what makes you happy. The rest will fall into place. 💛 - - #laurensimpson #laurensimpsonfitness #lsfbabes #bossbabe #fitspo #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #progress #wbffpro #bikinipro #happy #motivation #wonderwoman #powerlifting #summer #inspire #wbff #beauty #fashion #fitness #travel #model
Who the fuck is Gene Simmons? (Perdón abuela se que odias las fotos lengua pa juera)
Be humble, but hungry for more. 3 more days until show time .. I’m only at 75% right now just wait😈
Seriously so high on cloud 9 right now with all your love and support ❤️🌤 comment where all of you are from!
Let the flames begin! 🔥 #EDCLV2018
@highfiveexpert is one of the wonders of the world. Go follow my homie @highfiveexpert
Hi beautiful fall yogis!! Today is D1 of #FallFundamentals! Let’s go explore the fundamentals of yoga and see how advanced poses are rooted. Fall is the best season to go back to basics!! I remember we went up north last year for fall 🍂🍁 photos. But I’ll give you guys the feels of Arizona cactus 🌵this time hehehe! D1 of #FallFundamentals and its #forwardfold #uttanasana. . . Eggplant hues Interlace leggings and Interlace bra @ALOYOGA . . . Join our no frills challenge based on the fundamentals of yoga. If you are new to yoga and find other challenges too advanced, or a seasoned practitioner that wants to get back to the roots, this is the challenge for you! October 18-29 #FallFundamentals ⠀ hosts: @yogi_goddess @milena.moon @cherlfyoga @pigeatsfish @Crizia_Rn_yoga @alexzandrapeters . . . Poses: 1. Forward fold 2. Downward dog 3. Chatarunga 4. Standing backbend 5. Anjenay 6. Triangle 7. Hand to toe 8. Tree pose 9. Bow 10. Crow 11. Wheel 12. Headstand/handstand
Never tie your shoes in Paris...even if it’s imitation Paris in China 😅