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Never water yourself down just because someone can’t take you at 100 proof (Bikini @fashionnovacurve ✨🌸) We don’t realize how much we are affected by others negative/dark energy, or things they say.We don’t realize how much we subconsciously absorb from others, that we end up turning these things into our own views about ourselves. One negative comment from someone can lead to us questioning ourselves. But what if i told you it doesn’t have to be this way?Most of my life i have suffered from crippling social anxiety, and constant worry about what others thought about me, or how i looked. This came from the constant bullying and mean comments i faced from “friends” or kids in school. No matter how healthy i was, no matter how incredible of an athlete i was, people picked me apart. Sports was my only solace, or where i felt at home. These influences stayed in my head for years, leading me into just as toxic relationships. It wasnt until after my recovery that i realized how much those things and people affected my mental state, and i finally saw i could set myself free from those binding shackles. These people wanted to see me fail, these people were threatened by my light, wanted to use my energy when they needed it, these people didn’t want to see me at 100 proof, or at my full potential. When you are working towards excellence, many will not want to walk with you, climb the obstacles with you,or swim in the trenches with you.Many fear the light you possess, so they do all they can do dim it.Whether that’s comments about your weight, size, looks, your personality. But what are we without our bright souls but an empty shell?These people led me to feel so deeply insecure about my body,my “flaws”, that i crippled myself from enjoying all that life has to offer,until i made the conscious choice to make a change, and set myself free. Sometimes our ED will pop into our head, to try to speak negatively about ourselves,and use the painful words of others as a platform.But guess what? YOU DONT HAVE TO LISTEN! You know your truth, your light is stronger than any darkness, you are beautiful, worthy &more powerful than you know. You have the power. Free yourself✨🙌🏽
I regret none of my decisions. 🍩🍾 #breakfast
Photo: @emilypolar Coming up over the hill upon this flat expanse of land to see Nepalis playing around on bikes my first thought was Burning Man of Nepal! It’s the only flat spot to learn how to ride a bike and play around in Lukla, the airport of the Himalayas and jumping point for Everest. To see more images from nepal follow @emilypolar #Nepal #himalayas #travel #Lukla
nights in downtown vancouver are some of the best.🖤
@_Marco_Santini_'s artistic representation of the incredibly sexy @MarthaHunt, Maxim's December 2017 cover girl. | #MarcoSantini #ArtBasel
Bundle up and start your journey in the Adirondacks this winter with a hike up Whiteface Mountain. #NYLovesWinter 📷: @yung.snooze
Em busca de novos lugares.. 🌵 #atacama #friendstripatacama #life #travel #traveller #travelboy
我想我應該可以把它變回直😏 比薩斜塔其實也不是那麼重而已嘛!😂 @contiki 在行程安排上除了有自己的free time之外他們也會帶大家到一些當地著名的旅遊景點參觀! #contiki #noregrets #westernrocker #PaulineAkiyoEuropeTrip #leaningtowerofpisa #italy #living_europe #travel
GRACE: the more you acknowledge it, the more it appears. Who agrees?! 🙏🏽🦋🌺💫💓✨ ✨ ✨ 📸 @biancabucaram thank you for being the best big sister in the world. I love you more than life itself. 👭😘 Makeup & hair: @xavimakeup #ecuador #guayaquil #vegan #vegans #vegano #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #ootd #flowers #rawvegan #rawfood #style #lifestyle #fullyrawkristina #plantbased #travel #organic #nature #beautiful #diet #cleaneating #healing #inspire #magic #vegetarian #health #healthy #youtube #houston