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Difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations.... #LiveEachDay #BeHappy #DoWhatYouLove
Big tiddy goth gf
The love is genuine. We're both gunning for each and rooting for each other in the same breath. Some will get it, most won't. It isnt just a homie thing. We family. @w_wittmannphoto doesn't just shoot photos. He captures moments... @Regranned from @w_wittmannphoto - DM for booking @ Kentucky Muscle(Louisville, October 29th) and Nationals(Miami, November 16-19th) One final slot open at each, first pay first serve ⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️ If you truly believe that we are all cut from the same cloth, watch how some people handle adversity as opposed to others. Watch how these men handle when things don’t go their way, when they hurt, when they’ve put in every ounce of work in all capacities, and still don’t get what it is they want or deserve. It is in these moments that you learn the character of someone, and just how much their words actually mean
The cat who couldn't decide what to eat so he ate everything... One of the highlights of going to visit my parents.. his pleasantry 🐱 #grumpycatsfatfirstcousin #cat #love #home #monday #wayback #tattoos #fitfam #family #me #catsofinstagram #igmilitia #goodvibes #instagood