Let those glutes shine bright like a diamond 💎 TRYING TO GROW YOUR GLUTES?? 🍑This has been one of my biggest goals throughout training so I thought I'd share the top tips I've learned along the way! 😊 Hoping this will answer all of your glute questions! 1️⃣TRAIN HEAVY! To train my glutes I always do 1-2 isolate exercises at the end of my leg days to burn them out! I usually train in the 8-12rep range (hypertrophy training, best for muscle growth) **usually I'll put higher rep glute exercises into my cardio circuits for some shaping :)) My favourite exercises: HIP THRUSTS, CABLE KICKBACKS, WALKING LUNGES, LUNGES! 2️⃣EATTTT! I've heard of way too many people trying to grow glutes and acheive shredded abs at the same time. That's REALLY difficult because you'll need to be eating in a surplus for glute growth and a calorie deficit to lean out. Your body is going to have a hard time achieving both simultaneously. Keep your diet clean with whole foods though! That's a big part of how I never lost control of the bulk, I've done my whole bulk on healthy food :) 3️⃣REST! As much as I know the hardest part for many of us may be resting, it's so important! Don't be training your glutes everyday hoping for growth! I reccomend no more then 3x/week, I train them 2x/week :) 4️⃣PATIENCE!! I get so many messages of people getting discouraged they've been killing it the gym for a month and aren't seeing huge progress. STICK WITH IT!! It's taken me over a year to see huge changes! 🙈 Send me a message with any questions you have, let's get you to your goals! :)

  • Amazing 🙌
    20-Sep-2017 20:22:30 PM
  • You have great glutes! I've noticed a change in 2 months for me, but it's mainly the top of my butt, not a lot of change in the lower part.
    20-Sep-2017 20:38:16 PM
    20-Sep-2017 20:39:35 PM
    20-Sep-2017 20:39:37 PM
  • That booty growth! Teach me your waysssss
    20-Sep-2017 20:40:05 PM
  • Hey questions
    20-Sep-2017 23:08:33 PM
  • That 🍑 look big and strong
    21-Sep-2017 03:58:31 AM
  • I would love to see and example of what you eat in a day. Just to get some inspiration 😊
    21-Sep-2017 05:06:27 AM
  • 21-Sep-2017 06:50:50 AM
  • 21-Sep-2017 07:05:38 AM
  • @apocalypto10_3 what equipment/weights would I need?
    21-Sep-2017 13:39:16 PM
  • 💜🍑✨
    21-Sep-2017 16:34:09 PM
  • 21-Sep-2017 20:45:31 PM
  • Coole Seite 😎
    22-Sep-2017 12:56:47 PM
  • 22-Sep-2017 22:50:04 PM
  • 23-Sep-2017 00:13:21 AM
  • @kenziefitness_ did you get my DM ?
    23-Sep-2017 18:35:48 PM
    23-Sep-2017 21:09:56 PM
  • Hey questions
    23-Sep-2017 23:22:06 PM
  • 💪🏽
    24-Sep-2017 05:16:00 AM
  • How many calories do you eat a day for the booty growth?
    24-Sep-2017 17:59:37 PM
  • @kenziefitness_ I’m vegetarian but eat vegan a lot too and was just wondering what you mostly eat/cook everyday to get so much protein and healthy calories???
    24-Sep-2017 20:42:54 PM
  • Love your Booty 😍 @kenziefitness_
    25-Sep-2017 05:46:48 AM
  • 25-Sep-2017 10:29:36 AM
  • @lexcrocker_ YASSSSSS
    25-Sep-2017 10:46:34 AM
  • 🙏 🙏 🙏
    25-Sep-2017 19:35:04 PM
  • @kenziefitness_ please please could you elaborate on what to eat? Is my weakness. I mostly eat steam veg and cous cous. Fish sometimes. I'm avoiding carbs. Thanks this is me @marinamoyales
    29-Sep-2017 00:46:12 AM
  • OMG!!!!!!
    29-Sep-2017 14:51:03 PM
  • So thick baby
    30-Sep-2017 12:28:54 PM
  • Yassss girl ❤️😭 what size are you in the gym shark leggings, I just put in my first order and I'm afraid I may have ordered too big :/
    02-Oct-2017 21:09:18 PM
  • 03-Oct-2017 16:21:52 PM
  • And genetics unfortunately are a huge part 😕
    03-Oct-2017 18:24:32 PM
  • 09-Oct-2017 19:18:25 PM
  • @xmeesbouman deze moet je ook even lezen
    10-Oct-2017 07:32:37 AM
  • @hildepostuma jaaa goede!
    10-Oct-2017 07:55:20 AM
  • 💯
    15-Oct-2017 08:20:47 AM
  • perfect👌🏻
    29-Oct-2017 07:44:20 AM
  • theo dõi đi vk @quyen_jessica
    02-Nov-2017 04:48:02 AM
  • 06-Nov-2017 22:22:16 PM
  • Love your advices !!!! Thank youuu 🙏😱
    23-Nov-2017 23:09:33 PM
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