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This is for all the people that don’t realize how real this is. How many young girls. How many stories. How many family members. How many afraid. How many confronted. How many denied. How many... still unspoken, still unacknowledged. These are just some of the messages I received after I posted my story. I won’t lie, I couldn’t read them all. I felt too emotionally weak and helpless as I read each one, and midway I stopped because I couldn’t take it anymore. That’s no ones lack of strength but my own. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for telling me you’ll make a change and you will get help. Thank you for trusting in me. I know it isn’t easy - there’s so much more I want to say to you, and once I find the words, I promise I will. #metoo #women #sexualharassement #sexualassault #abuse #womenempowerment #speakup #education #awareness #india
Friends that nap together, stay together ❤️💤 These adorable seal pups were found snoozing on The French Frigate Shoals, the largest atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef (including a coral rim) that partially or completely encircles a lagoon, with the coral typically sitting atop the rim of an extinct volcano or seamount, and the lagoon having formed over the volcanic crater or caldera. The French Frigate Shoals atoll can be found approximately 487 nautical miles (902 kilometers; 560 miles) northwest of Honolulu, Hawaii, and consists of a 32-kilometer-long (20-mile) crescent-shaped reef, twelve sandbars, and the 37-meter-high La Perouse Pinnacle, the oldest volcanic rock in the Hawaiian chain 🌋 Tag your nap partner! Photo: PIFSC/NOAA/HMSRP. #guffscience #science #nature #geography #geology #ocean #pacificocean #earth #volcano #education #bestoftheday #interesting #didyouknow #nowyouknow #naturelovers #natureshots #nature_perfection #animal #awesomeanimals #wildanimals #wildlife #naturephotography #naptime #hawaii #frenchfrigateshoals #atoll #beach #seal
The first time finished a book cover to cover. 1,500 books later I feel like I have a ton of catching up to do. Best addiction in the world.
For those who find it a mission to let me know that vegan isn’t for them, or for their family or for humans or how animals were out here for us to enslave, I mean murder, I mean torture I mean eat... I never asked you for your opinion. Look, I have never, ever gone to anyone else page talking shit about what they post, ever... your page, you do you. But I find it so weird how people come to my page saying that I am pushing my beliefs on people. Yeah, you know that belief of how I think killing innocent animals and people is wrong, I know I am fucked up for thinking that lol. I only post to my page and my page only. And I get it... not everyone wants to be vegan. Would I like the whole world to be vegan, yes... but I know it will take time, hell most likely not in my lifetime to be honest but it’s not about me, it’s bigger than me, and if I can help one person see that there is a way to not kill in order to be healthy, or you don’t have to oppress or degrade or kill other races in order to promote a great life for yourself. We can all flourish and help the people, the animals and the planet as a whole. So if you don’t want to be vegan or feel as if we have to be eat death or the cows will take over the planet I honestly don’t care. Shout out to my boy @incogneato_vegan for this idea! #peacelovepandas✌🏽❤️🐼
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While you were busy following the Taylor Swift drama, Lil Jon was in Ghana building a school for kids
People are like garbage trucks.