I need so many of these trackers! 😂 Tag 3 friends who need this Credit: thetileapp YouTube Get your own by clicking on the link in our BIO #lost #phone #tablet #laptop #sponsored #tracker #find #technology #techproducts #smarttech

    19-Sep-2017 23:21:18 PM
    19-Sep-2017 23:25:58 PM
  • This is honestly genius
    19-Sep-2017 23:26:31 PM
  • 19-Sep-2017 23:27:57 PM
  • I need this for my glasses 😑
    19-Sep-2017 23:32:07 PM
  • If you loose your laptop you need to lay off of the weed or brew 😂😂
    19-Sep-2017 23:46:31 PM
  • I need a lot. For my socks..
    19-Sep-2017 23:57:16 PM
  • 19-Sep-2017 23:59:37 PM
  • 20-Sep-2017 00:21:07 AM
  • We need these on everything @boweeden
    20-Sep-2017 00:24:41 AM
  • We dont need these
    20-Sep-2017 00:25:23 AM
  • "How do I find my phone"? It says you can press the button on the tracker or something like that and it will make your phone ring. Even, when on silent. Watch the whole video before the comments guys.
    20-Sep-2017 00:39:41 AM
  • @liviacintari @felicianaalyss feli lek beli iki borongan ketoke, ditempel nang botol minum, Hp, tas, trakir nde buku agraria
    20-Sep-2017 01:08:59 AM
  • I need this @nicholas572
    20-Sep-2017 01:23:58 AM
  • Tracker dies, then what
    20-Sep-2017 01:47:19 AM
  • Wtf, that chick slipped the tracker into a pair of men's pants!?!?
    20-Sep-2017 01:48:57 AM
  • lol nah man everyone gonna finesse a wallet
    20-Sep-2017 02:12:50 AM
  • @kingaliat305 lmao I need this for my headphones
    20-Sep-2017 03:34:15 AM
  • @lise_vw zo handig! 💘
    20-Sep-2017 04:23:01 AM
  • 20-Sep-2017 05:14:37 AM
  • @lindineu endlich ist es da!
    20-Sep-2017 05:14:57 AM
  • @ensebense die Lösung aller Probleme!
    20-Sep-2017 05:15:39 AM
  • 20-Sep-2017 06:12:07 AM
  • kui tukune nengdi ya... 😮
    20-Sep-2017 07:00:50 AM
  • What if i lose my phone and my computer?
    20-Sep-2017 09:27:14 AM
  • @kamakani_8o8 Exactly
    20-Sep-2017 11:57:46 AM
  • 20-Sep-2017 13:00:51 PM
  • 20-Sep-2017 14:17:38 PM
  • @pedrocofre @nitoguerrero wn deberiamos vender estas weas
    20-Sep-2017 16:01:28 PM
  • I need this for my key😂😂 @jessica.blakeee1
    21-Sep-2017 02:00:27 AM
  • @losh.p_ omg u fo
    21-Sep-2017 02:14:59 AM
  • 👍
    21-Sep-2017 06:10:20 AM
  • 21-Sep-2017 19:56:03 PM
  • I need one for my ipod and my will to live lmao @nico.the.ghostking
    21-Sep-2017 20:10:25 PM
  • @nico.the.ghostking i feel like we need to get you one
    21-Sep-2017 21:05:29 PM
  • thank you for noticing @your_personal_mexican
    21-Sep-2017 21:44:34 PM
  • wow @tsvyata (same)
    21-Sep-2017 21:44:58 PM
  • I lose it alot and then im like ANXIETY and then its just in my bag where i left it or i seriously cant find it at home sometimes and yes itd be nice to find my will to live when i need it @nico.the.ghostking (ded)
    21-Sep-2017 21:57:02 PM
  • @avila908 I need this for my keys
    26-Sep-2017 20:02:22 PM
  • 06-Oct-2017 12:23:03 PM
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