• Nooooo! 90% of 130s are white, stand out from the crowd dude 😋
    19-Sep-2017 22:15:22 PM
  • The green looks good as well
    20-Sep-2017 00:08:06 AM
  • @bobbyd_arcy I don't need to stand out from the crowd 😎
    20-Sep-2017 06:41:16 AM
  • I would go white for sure! 👍
    20-Sep-2017 06:41:55 AM
  • When we had our white 130, I named it "white shadow" 😂
    20-Sep-2017 06:45:29 AM
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🔶Was Allied Strategic Bombing Justified? Over a million civilians were killed by allied bombs in Europe and the Pacific, and I want to know what you guys think?🔶 This picture shows B-17’s of the 602nd Bomb Squadron of the 398th Bomb Group. They are just about to drop their payloads over Germany in their last bombing raid of the war in Europe in 1945. If you look at the closest bomber, ‘Wonderboy’, it has had its chin turret removed for streamlining. By this point in the war, the German Luftwaffe was basically not much more than a couple of aircraft that were too few to do anything at all to influence the war. I. 1944, the Luftwaffe had been deteriorating rapidly, but German fighters still managed to deal a good amount of damage to allied bombers. After the Battle of the Bulge, Germany really did not have enough planes to do anything against allied bomber assaults. Many German civilians would blame Luftwaffe fighters after the war for “not protecting them” from the allied bombers when it was really not their fault. They would struggle to find food, shelter, and work as everyone in their communities turned their backs on them. They fought for their nation, died for their nation, and were given the cold shoulder after everything they had done. In 1945, the allied bombers were basically pounding rubble into more rubble as German cities were all but completely destroyed. The allies wanted to make sure that their enemy was not able to recover in any way whatsoever. The Red Army and Western Allied Armies would have conquered Germany anyway, but the bombers were just a sort of “insurance” that cost hundreds of thousands of German civilians lives. One of the greatest debates on the war was whether or not the allies should have targeted German cities for their bombing raids. While they claimed German industrial targets were Theo objective, it is also known that the allies were determined to cripple German morale, and around 600,000 civilians died as a result. That’s almost 14 times the death toll when compared to the German blitz on Britain, which exacted around 43,000 deaths. I didn’t even include Japan.
When Dionicio and Yolanda Ortiz immigrated to the U.S., they had nothing. Now their daughters Yesenia and Lucerito are Harvard graduates. This is their inspiring story.⠀ ⠀ Watch the full video on the Harvard's YouTube channel.⠀ ⠀ #Harvard #education
A sunny day in Doha, moving forward with our Social Projects on Education and Innovation 🙏🙏🙏 #mayshadwoman #mayshadlifestyle #mayshadfoundation #education #innovation #entrepreneurship #doha #morocco #qatar #africa #africarooted
#TestYourself 💪👣If you have foot, ankle, knee, or hip pain, this week will be your baby! 🤰Pay attention kids! This march test is a pretty common test and is a great way for you to understand which side of your hip and arch is inactive (weak).😳 This week we will be going over foot education as well as mobility and strengthening movements for the arch of your feet and hips. . . If you find that one or both of your feet turns out↪️, that means you have an inactive booty🍑 on that side! The glute actually stabilizes and rotates the knee outward. When this happens, the ankle rotates and the arch lifts ⬆️slightly, allowing your foot to straighten out. When the glute is weak, the knee collapses inward ➡️⬅️and when the arch loses stability from the hip, it also collapses inward and the foot turns outward to compensate. Strengthening the arch and the hip will turn the knee out and lift the arch, allowing the foot to straighten out.💣 . . The body functions best when it is aligned. ⚖️Having the hips, knee, ankle, and foot in alignment will reduce whatever aches and pains you have in those areas. Keep in mind 🧠that the entire body is connected🔀. To truly improve upon your issue, you have to understand how the position of each part of the body can effect another part of the body. For more information, click the link in our bio. -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️ #BeTheExpert! You can learn to transform pain into core power!  The MoveU online program will help you rethink pain, balance your frame, and live an empowered life.  Learn more, and begin improving today by registering for a free trial at, or simply click the link in our bio.⚡️ . . #MoveU #ControlYourself #backpain #back #painrelief #Fitness #Crossfit #getfit #fitfam #lol #education #learn #powerful #empowering #Strength #Mobility #happiness #health #wellness #posture #prehab #footpain #plantarfasciitis #kneepain
Successful people have libraries. 📚 The rest have big screen TV’s 📺 _______________________________ У успешных людей есть своя библиотекa.📚 У остальных есть телевизор с большим экраном 📺
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Beautiful anatomy of the base of the skull!! 😍 What do you think are those 2 golf size masses? 🧐 . CN I: Olfactory Nerve, exiting the skull through the cribriform plate and terminating in the roof of the nasal cavity. Function: smell . CNII: Optic Nerve, exiting the skull through the optic canal and terminating in the eye. Function: vision sensation. . CN III: Oculomotor Nerve, exiting the skull through the superior orbital fissure Function: motor sensation of the muscles of the eye: ciliary, sphincter pupillae and all the external eye muscles except superior oblique and lateral rectus. . CN IV: Trochlear Nerve, exiting the skull through the superior orbital fissure and terminating in the superior oblique eye muscle. Function: abduction, depression and internal rotation of the eye. . CN V: Trigeminal Nerve, exiting from different foramens: Ophthalmic (Superior Orbital Fissure, Maxillary (F. Rotundum), and Mandibular (F. Ovale). . CN VI: Abducens Nerve, exiting the skull through the Superior orbital fissure. Function: motor innervation of Lateral rectus . CN VII: Facial Nerve, exiting through Internal acoustic meatus and stylomastoid foramen. Function: gustatory (taste) sensation from ant. 2/3 tongue, hard and soft palate, motor innervation of muscles of facial expression. . CN VIII: Vestibulocochlear Nerve, exiting the skull through Internal acoustic meatus. Function: auditory sensation and equilibrium (balance). . CN IX: Glossopharyngeal Nerve, exiting the skull through the Jugular foramen. Function: Gustatory sensation of posterior 1/3 tongue, external auditory membrane, and middle ear cavity. . CN X: Vagus Nerve, exiting the skull from Jugular foramen. Function: sensory and motor innervation to external ear, larynx and pharynx. . CN XI: Spinal accessory Nerve, exiting the skull from the Jugular foramen. Function: motor innervation to trapezius and SCM. . CNXII: Hypoglossal Nerve, exiting through the Hypoglossal canal. Function: motor innervation to intrinsic and extrinsic tongue muscles. . Stay safe and stay healthy everyone! 🤓 . FOLLOW US & TAG YOUR STUDY GROUPS
Comment "agree" if you think this is true. 🎨BG credits: respective owner 😍 💭Thought via : internet 😃 . . Tag someone 🌟 Do like and share 🌟 Follow @mykeepitsimple for more. . . . #mykeepitsimple #keepitsimple