Sergi looking Shredded 💪 Humans are a constantly changing creature... Sometimes things come worse before they get better . The goal is not get stuck and be a silhouette in the dark time🦅 . Photo by @baileyimage . #belegend #SC #instabodybuilding #flex #squat #muscles #instafit #gym #cleaneating #gymlife #instafitness #muscleandhealth #muscle #barbell #prilaga #bodybuildingmotivation #crossbar #excercise

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The classic debate…neat or on the rocks? We know that not everyone likes ice in their WhistlePig Whiskey. However, if you do prefer to chill your whiskey, the large ice cubes or spheres will limit the dilution and allow you to taste more of the flavors that the distiller intended. If you really want to ensure your ice lives up to the quality of your whiskey, have it hand carved just prior to gracing a glass of WhistlePig like this perfect pour courtesy of @licensed_to_distill ⚪️🥃👌🏻
We know what we're doing with our Halloween candy. Tag your drinking buddy. 🌈 _ 🎥 @tispybartender
Feeling a lot like Halloween with our Char-Chata (mixed) and Thai Tea with Boba 🎃 #theloopchurros #stayintheloop 📷: @nonstopeats
What the fuck more could I ask for?! Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating my birthday last Saturday. Massive thanks to all staff DJs Secuirty and course the mains, @alexandermcdonell @lachlanmonty @asommer33 @mark.gimenez87 @paula_naco and of course @shaggzy and @christianandres_ for everything. Love all of you guys to bits ❤️❤️❤️😘 #party #cocktails #alize #2000smusic #oldschoolrnb #theblackrabbit #melbourne #queenstreet #tequila #pumped #carltonsguestlist #vip #saturdaynight #shots #guestlist #party #club #nightlife #music #dance #nightclub #friends #drinks #event #brooklyn #carltonslist #vip #champagne #blk_dmnd_promotions #shots
You can turn any side table into a bar (trust us, we've tried them all). Simply add a metal tray and some glassware – you're the hottest new bartender on the block. #homebar #cocktail #drinks #wayfair #linkinbio
[STRANGER THINGS COCKTAIL CONTEST!] You guys know how much I support binge watching Netflix. The 2nd season of @strangerthingstv comes out this Friday. Thought it would be cool to do something different and launch an IG contest to see how creative y'all can get with a Stranger Things inspired cocktail. For the winner, I will send you a copy of the @deathandconyc cocktail book signed by the authors, AND I will pay for your premium Netflix subscription for 6 months to further support your binge watching habits 😉 You can find the recipe to my Stranger Things cocktail linked in my bio...It tastes something like breakfast in a glass with a crispy Eggo Waffle on top 😋 Contest entry rules are below! Get weird y'all! . • Cocktail must be 6 ingredients or less • Post a picture of your Stranger Things cocktail to Instagram (make sure your profile is public). In the caption, provide the recipe, and inspiration for the drink and how it's related to the show. • Use the hashtag #StrangerThingsAB • Post your recipe by Thursday, October 26th at midnight EST • The cocktails will be judged based on creativity and bad-assery by me and @keifermadness. • [To win, you must have a US shipping address, but if not and you're still a fan of the show we still want to see what you come up with!] . #StrangerThingsAb #apartmentbartender #earnyourbooze
🦀 SINGAPORE CHILLI CRAB 🦀 from the famous @JumboSeafoodSG. Starting way back in 1987, they’ve won countless awards including the Best Chilli Crab Award.