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I had an AMAZING conversation with my dear friend @joethejuicer last night about HEALTH and how eating REAL FOOD can change your body and EMPOWER you. At this day in age, health isn't quite a luxury....but in 20 may be. Real change begins with you and me. We change the world by first transforming our own lives. Yes, it's a process, but there's no other way. There's no quick fix it pill. The way to health is to live healthfully. Eat your fruits and veggies. We must show people how to live sustainably, how to eat clean, how to protect our immune systems, and how to share this strength with others. We empower ourselves by taking charge of our health! Joe, our conversation last night was the BEST. Love you! 😘🙏🏽✨
Prep days..2017 💪🏼 Goals are set for 2018, if they don't scare you they aren't big enough. #RgArmy
Pixilated Avocado Toast 🥑🍞 by @fooddeco 💛
Week 2 leg day 2 on my expert program calls for a top set of 3 paused, only hit 2 here for whatever reason lmao, had 3 in the tank😅. What's everyone have today? #legday #motivation #fitness #gym #squats #fit #health
#sponsored Can't wait to identify my food intolerances with @pinnertestusa! This test measures IgG antibody levels against the proteins of over 200 different foods to see which foods may respond negatively with your digestive system. Curious about my results! Check out @pinnertestusa and tap the link in their bio for more info. Use promo code HAILEY60 for $60 off your kit & free worldwide shipping! #pinnertestpartner
Мы чувствовали как бьются Ваши сердца от волнения и переживаний за нас. Эта досадная, нелепая ошибка... Обидно, но ! Учли, забыли, станем лучше ! Спасибо за организацию на мировом уровне, спасибо за столь домашнюю, тёплую и мощную поддержку ! Двигаемся дальше. Скоро увидимся🤗 #ФигурноеКатание #ГранПри #Ростелеком #РоссияВперед #Спорт #Здоровье #БоброваСоловьев #ДмитрийСоловьев #ЕкатеринаБоброва #FigureSkating #GrandPrix #Rostelecom #Sport #Health #BobrovaSoloviev #DmitrySoloviev #EkaterinaBobrova
Francis Artisan Bakery is very proud to be the number one choice for Mrs. Inge Anugrah’s diet as she prepares to compete in the Fitness First competition: "The New You" Achievement Award 2017. Nutritious, healthy and delicious are Mrs. Inge’s main considerations while she undergoes her clean eating regime. And @francisartisanbakery is happy to have helped met her criteria. . Please kindly give your vote to Mrs. Inge. Every vote is a step closer for her to win the competition @fitnessfirst_id. . All you have to do is: - Open the vote link: - Choose the STRENGTH category - Follow the instructions . After you vote, please let us know in our comments section, tag 3 other friends and @francisartisanbakery, we will choose 3 random voters and reward with our IDR 50K Gift Voucher for each person. Hurry up, Francis-an!! Have a fabulous weekend 😉 . #votenow #freemembership #freePT #FitnessFirstIndonesia #FFNewYou2017 #NewYouAchievementAwards #francisartisanbakery #breads #breadstore #healthybread #jakarta #deliciouslyhealthy #delicious #health #instapost
Check out my YouTube channel and tell me how I can make it more helpful and fun to watch. Link in bio. Tip of the day. (Eng)Train less than 1 hour After 1 hour levels of testosterone drop and the body produces cortisol,a hormone that destroys muscle tissue and increases the storage of body fat. (Spa)Entrena menos de 1 hora. Luego de una hora los niveles de testosterona disminuirán y el cuerpo produce cortisol, la hormona que destruye el tejido muscular e incrementa el almacenamiento de grasa corporal. (Por)Treine menos de 1 hora. Após 1 hora, os níveis de gota de testosterona e o corpo produz cortisol, um hormônio que destrói o tecido muscular e aumenta o armazenamento de gordura corporal. (Alb)Stervitu me pak se 1 ore Pas 1 ore bie niveli i testosteronit dhe trupi prodhon kortizol,hormon qe shkaterron muskulin dhe rrit prodhimin e dhjamit. #fitnessmodel #fitness #fit #fitfam #gym #gymrat #abs #sixpack #personaltrainer #lift #lifting #guyswholift #guyswithtattoos #muscular #muscle #gains #health #men #menshealth #menshair #ripped #shredded #beachbody #gohardorgohome
Here are some dieting tips: 1️⃣ Make a list of people who have a problem with your weight. 2️⃣ Cut them out of your life. 3️⃣ Enjoy having lost hundreds of pounds of idiots. - Health isn’t always determined by the scale!! Focus on your MENTAL health first. - Drink plenty of water, stay active in your favorite hobbies, get enough sleep, eat the yummy food, wear the cute outfits, take the adventure, LIVE YOUR LIFE 💕 Watermelon bottoms from @thecheekybikini 🍉🍉🍉