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Ensayos de nueva película “Cuando No Es Juan Es Juana” del director @mrproductor 🔥gracias a Dios siempre por todo #Movie #cine #film #actress #actriz #Melymel
Okay so this is the most INSANE movie I've ever read about, I'm going to list the most insane facts below! Comment your favourite one: •After he was fired as director, Richard Stanley sneaked back onto the set dressed up as a MUTANT DOG. He had failed to get on a plane to Los Angeles and had been living at a fruit plantation in the forest with the extras. The cast and crew had no idea. •Ron Perlman took his role so he could work with Marlon Brando. Perlman's character was blind so he wore contact lenses to limit his sight. It wasn't until 5 days into shooting that Brando realised he was wearing contact lenses, he had just thought Perlman was just a terrible actor. •It was Marlon Brando's idea for Doctor Moreau to wear an ice-bucket on his head in one scene. He came up with the idea out of boredom and because of the heat. Everyone was too afraid to ask him to remove it. • At one point, a day's filming was cancelled when Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer refused to come out of their trailers until the other did. •After the original director was fired, Fairuza Balk stormed off the set after a heated exchange with the New Line executives, and then reportedly had a production assistant drive her all the way from Cairns to Sydney - a distance of some 2500 km- in a rented limousine. • The boat bringing the exotic animals to the set got caught in a hurricane, and Richard Stanley stayed on the ship to ensure the animals' safety - which meant that he got urinated on by a restless puma. • Val Kilmer burned a crewmember in the face with his cigarette. 🎥 • • • • Double Tap and Tag someone who needs to know this 👇 All credit to the respective film and producers. #movie #movies #film #tv #camera #cinema #fact #moviefacts #director #actor #act #acting #cinemas #didyouknowmovies
If u didn't wish Ms. Honey was ur teacher don't even bother
Absolutely stunning RED Epic-W and Sigma 50mm cine prime glass courtesy of @tobi_dop 🎥🎥🎥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ready for Autumn and working on my work tan as I roll into the 4th week of filming this feature. Sadly back in the UK #soundrolling