her eyes & the way she smiles

  • @iqbal_swagstar doesn't matter at all does it? Dis is their lives not urs so MIND UR OWN BUSINESS ABOUT THEIT RELATIONSHIP
    07-Oct-2017 16:06:41 PM
  • Ma boy
    07-Oct-2017 16:34:04 PM
  • 😍😍
    08-Oct-2017 03:29:31 AM
  • @zayzeb ok I'm just saying bro
    08-Oct-2017 03:57:19 AM
  • How long have you and Taylor been dating for? y’all super cute together ❤️ #taylortot
    08-Oct-2017 04:37:53 AM
  • You are perfect for each other #goals❤️
    08-Oct-2017 11:22:19 AM
  • Omg dude you got lucky
    08-Oct-2017 13:02:43 PM
  • TANNER!! Ask her to marry you before everything goes down hill PLEASE
    08-Oct-2017 20:29:53 PM
  • 💝💝💝💝💝
    09-Oct-2017 16:01:22 PM
  • What is her Instagram name
    09-Oct-2017 20:00:25 PM
  • That just shows you money can buy anything
    09-Oct-2017 20:29:54 PM
  • Wow a gold digger who shows herself on Instagram😑
    09-Oct-2017 22:29:29 PM
  • Ya guys are a cute couple
    10-Oct-2017 00:07:35 AM
  • She is so cute
    10-Oct-2017 05:30:06 AM
  • Why does everyone say she's a gold digger?
    10-Oct-2017 06:29:20 AM
  • You guys look so cute together when he fell of she was scared that's love
    11-Oct-2017 07:03:47 AM
  • Yuck
    11-Oct-2017 16:54:15 PM
  • Gold digger
    12-Oct-2017 05:31:21 AM
  • Who is she ??
    12-Oct-2017 08:19:37 AM
  • Isn't Taylor like 22 or something? And Tanner is like 17? That's really weird.
    12-Oct-2017 14:20:42 PM
  • Awe goals💞
    13-Oct-2017 04:57:05 AM
  • That's your girl? She a stick, she ain't got curves
    13-Oct-2017 13:34:44 PM
  • Y'all look like BETTY and JUGHEAD from RIVERDALE!!!! GOALLLSSSS😛💕
    13-Oct-2017 19:30:56 PM
  • So cute love you diss track we do it best
    13-Oct-2017 19:51:25 PM
  • Can’t wait till they break up
    14-Oct-2017 03:03:33 AM
  • He’s gonna regret all these posts💀😂
    14-Oct-2017 03:03:42 AM
  • Hot
    15-Oct-2017 17:40:05 PM
  • Pic
    15-Oct-2017 17:40:11 PM
  • Tylor is 20 bruh
    15-Oct-2017 21:44:30 PM
    16-Oct-2017 11:39:03 AM
  • There age difference doesn't matter! There in true love and they make a cute couple/team! I love u guys!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    16-Oct-2017 23:28:36 PM
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