#Repost with @repostapp ・・・ #AsuntosEternos Conferencia Sólo para Mujeres de la mano de nuestra Apóstol Irene de Mora y de la Pastora de la Iglesia La Gloria es de Dios, Xiomara de Rodríguez, Viernes 29 de Septiembre a las 7:00 PM en Casa de Oración. ¡No te la pierdas! Más información: +58 416-8025077.

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Daily reminder... Everyone arrives to that point in their life where everything is just right. Eventually you'll end up where you need to be, With who you're meant to be with, And doing what you should be doing. . This arrival is earlier for some and later for others. Do not compare your life to other people's. It may not be today or tomorrow but one day you will look back and you will be absolutely perplexed and awed at how every little thing in your life added up. How it brought you somewhere wonderful You will be grateful that certain things didn't work out the way you once wanted them too. Instead bringing you where you were always meant to be. . I have not arrived yet.... But I can feel myself getting closer. Eventually I will find my way. Happy Monday y'all!
I realized I was more than overdue for a mess around day (and couldn't bring myself to get on the treadmill) so this was the cardio compromise 😝. It's my favourite 🙆🏼. - That wall-walk box jump combo is le great time. After about 6 reps, dis is me 👉🏻😰. If you're doing these (or any box jumps), I'd recommend stepping and not jumping off the box. I put my hands down to lessen the impact but I normally step down if I'm repping box jumps. - Remember you can always modify things to your level; e.g. tucked L-sit and regular push-up vs L-sit and explosive push-up. Get it, frands 👊🏻 - Sipping on @womensbest and wearing them on my legs (fave tights) 😝 🎵Nadia Rose - Tight Up (Freejak remix)
Im really thankfull for this special present, i appreciate all the love & support thank you 🙏 Thank you for this amazing drawing @elnur.m_artpalace #Blessed #ThankGod #LeonardoSeker #Lionmode
The soaring structure will provide 360-degree views over the forest canopy. Plans for a sweeping, treetop walkway have been unveiled for one of Denmark’s forests. Situated within Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, a preserved forest an hour south of Copenhagen in Haslev, the 1,969-foot pathway will wind itself up and around stooping pine trees, eventually taking visitors some 148 feet above the ground to guarantee bird's-eye views of lakes, creeks, cliffs, and wetlands. Designed by local architecture studio EFFEKT for the forest’s adventure park, Camp Adventure, the structure is a sort of High Line for nature lovers. Visitors will make their way to the pear-shaped structure via twirling pathways and bridges—at one point passing an aviary—before ascending a spiraling ramp towards the observation deck. Once up there, visitors will be treated to panoramic views of the forest canopy from morning through sunset (although the forest is privately owned, it’s open to the public during the day). Currently dubbed 'The Treetop Experience,' the continuous ramps that make up the route have been split into two sections: The high walkway will take you past some of the forest’s oldest trees, while the lower one will make its way through the younger areas, which include fledgling saplings. #Consciousvibrancy
Light weight, high rep leg day! 🙌🏽 This was the second half of my last leg/HIIT video where I was a pool of sweat! 😅 Once I got my heart rate up, I super set a plyo with one of these 3 bad boys!! 1. Squat to Squat Pulse 2. Side lunges to knee drive to engage those abdominals! 👌🏽 3. Curtsy Pulses- with resistance! I did 15-20 reps each! 3-4 rounds with a plyo of choice! - Resistance band is @mbslingshot or very a similar variation that’s a thick resistance band is @myplayfit. My code “hannah” will save $$
Choose your team carefully. So much of your success is due to the people who you surround yourself with 🙌💪 @josephmencel
Yay for nice weather today! 🌼🍂 Hope y'all have a great week!