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Via @theblonde: Possibly the greatest thing ever. Caption this work for us.
Day 1 of the shred starts today! Time to get these abs back! 🙈 All prepped thanks to @food4fitnessmeals Watch this space! 🔪💎
Tattooed my boy @swaelee from Rae Sremmurd last night! WHAT CELEBS DO YOU WANNA SEE ME TATTOO NEXT?! Tag them!
Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely! . Eine Frage die man oft gestellt bekommt ist: warum machst du das eigentlich? . Ganz einfach 🤓☝🏽 weil es mir Spaß macht und ich darauf stehe mich zu quälen. Ich mag es zu sehen wie man sich jedes Jahr ein Stück verbessert und immer wieder neue Dinge dazulernt. Es ist nicht einfach nur ein Sport, sondern eine Lebenseinstellung, die jedem Spaß machen sollte. Denn ohne Spaß wird man irgendwann ganz klar die Lust daran verlieren. . Jetzt meine Frage an euch: warum macht ihr das? Was begeistert euch so an diesem Sport? . 📸 by @fm_fitness 😎🤙🏽 . 💻 mein Blog:
Sometimes in life, fate brings things together. When that happens you will find that one special person who would race over to your house in the middle of the night just to wipe the tears from your face. You will be able to go around with no makeup, sweat pants, major bed head and they will still make you feel beautiful. When you realize that you have this amazing person, hold on tight. Chances are that they are your soul mate. -11:56pm / via sighingsociety ⠀ #tumblrtheme #depressed #theme #aesthetic #aesthetictumblr #alternative #depression #grunge #society #tumblr #broken #love #tattoos #art #inked #latenightthoughts #mood #inspired #motivated #tumblrboy #tumblrgirl #newhampshire
Love skulls 😍 Один из самых мною любимых сюжетов в татуировке, череп. А как вы относитесь к изображениям черепов?)
Goal is to bring up my hamstrings this offseason, so I let my husband put me through a ham/glute workout tonight.....which I might end up regretting tomorrow because I already feel sore 😅🙈 gonna film it this Sunday though so you guys can try it yourself 🤗 #ootd Top: @forever21 Leggings: @paragonfitwear (code ALICIA) they'll be restocking next weekend! 🙌
Spot the camel 🐫😜 Make a friends day and tag them! ❤