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Today I want to learn something from you! At med school we learn a lot about how the body works, diseases, pharmacology, bacteria, viruses etc... Sure, all of these things are very important! But what is unfortunately often missing in med school, is the teaching of soft skills - which is also very important when you interact with a patient. Let me know what is important to you when you go to the doctor. What do you expect from him besides his medical competence?
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Up close with the 'Calypso'. #jointhemvmt (📷: @laya.gerlock)
So far this is my favorite outfit of Daenerys! She looks so sexy! Don’t she?
Let's fly away✈️! Saw so many places in the world and love to experience new cultures🌎. It's definitely my passion. Therefore this backpack is the perfect travel gear. Gonna use it for every upcoming trips. Save the last backpacks from @emmaparker27 #travel ! Next stops Los Angels & Bali 🌴
Petit frère deviendra grand ❤️ Dernière ligne droite avant le week end, courage la Team 💪
Dress like you are always famous 😍