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From @leonthemeow: "Best study buddy? 🤔” #catsofinstagram
Amazing Bambi sculpture 😍 🦌 Cute or no? . via @artistic_unity_ Follow us @arts.hub | #artshub
Photo by @BrianSkerry. A manatee calf hitches a ride - piggy-back style - on it’s mom in the waters off the coast of Belize. While working on an @NatGeo story about the Mesoamerican Reef, I frequently went out early in the morning - using only a mask, snorkel and fins - to quietly search for wildlife. Manatees in this region are far less acclimated to humans than those in Florida, and can difficult to approach. They typically spend their nights within thick, protective mangroves, feeding on nearby seagrass beds during the day. All of these ecosystems are connected and conservation of the whole is vital since animals depend on each other for survival. This mom and calf were very tolerant of me, and allowed me into their world that morning. To see more underwater photography, follow me - @BrianSkerry - on Instagram. #natgeo #underwaterphoto #instagood #follow #underwaterphotography #manatee #cute #animals #animal #followme #photooftheday #photography #travelphoto #travel
One arm up on a bottle at 9 years old💪 @giulianostr0e
death metal plays softly in the distance (thanks for following @chaos.reigns_)
They said I could be anything... I chose to be a Monkey! 🐒😂 (📹: @bikke_gakuen) #monkey
Aw so cute 😍😍 📣 @isla_view_
From @storyful: When you see your best friend after a long time 😍🤣
"Play with me humom!"😍by ❤ Tag a Bully Lover 👇