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    18-Sep-2017 08:02:05 AM
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Soldiers listen to orders before the next phase of the attack. The British Army’s airborne rapid reaction force has once again proven its ability to deploy and fight at short notice in some of Africa’s most challenging environments. Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, together with their attached supporting units, are honing both their fighting and their field-craft skills on the baked Kenyan Savannah as part of the six-week long Exercise Askari Storm. @16airassaultbrigade #BritishArmy #army #soldier #Kenya #military #exercise #militarylife #photography #militaryphotography #Africa #UK
Great Gray Owls have pretty big eyes. Learn the pros and cons of having such huge peepers by clicking the link in our bio. ⠀ ⠀ Photo: Melissa Groo/Audubon Photography Awards⠀ ⠀
If you love coffee as much as I do you gotta head down to a 7-Eleven ASAP and try their Iced Coffee ☕️ Perfect for summer and only $2 yew! 💦🌴🌞 #7Elevenicedcoffee #sp