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Beluga whales 💙💙! 😍 Filmed by @CristinaMittermeier 🙌🏽 As a new drone pilot, I didn’t expect one of my first flights to reveal so much. Watching a migration of belugas from the air as they traveled across the shallow estuaries of the Arctic, revealed that they are not only traveling in social and very vocal groups, but that baby belugas are not only adorable, they are also pink and very playful. To see more images from the newly protected Lancaster Sound Marine Conservation Area, in the Canadian Arctic, visit her feed at @CristinaMittermeier ! Editing by @Kyle.Roepke #DiscoverOcean #MarineProtectedArea | #babybeluga | #aerialphotography | #beauty #drone #drones #whales #wildlife #nature #beautiful #ocean #sea #animals
From @serious_bo: "Working on my modeling skills... Or are it my circus skills 😹 ” #catsofinstagram
Yesterday Mexico was hit by a deadly 7.1 earthquake, killing over 200 people. Nevertheless, in the midst of the devastation, there was this ray of hope captured by @record_mexico: a Golden Retriever being pulled from the rubble to widespread applause. - Visit the LINK IN BIO 👆to help our friends in Mexico! 🇲🇽
#EarthCapture by @timkohlerphotography "This is what climate change looks like. Yes, you are right, I can't prove that this specific bear is starving due to a warming planet causing ice loss, resulting in loss of habitat for polar bears. However, I can assure you that you will see a lot more of these photographs if we don't manage to take better care of our planet." - Timo Kohler
Obsession.. haha 😍😂 @life.of.polo
Ok 😂? Plistospilota, Pseudocreobotra and Deroplatys
From @milperthusky: “Show me love human😊😂.” #needylife
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My friends vs. me - @bbflabradors