Having grown up as a disadvantaged female who was subjective to severe racism and bullying, my passion is to have @the_help_nepal_appeal continue to align with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals, to provide equal opportunity to young women. ◇ Research: According to the UNFPA 2014 population report, ‘there are 1.8 billion young people aged 10-24 in the world—the largest youth population ever. Of these, 600 million are adolescent girls and young women. Across the world, young women continue to face gender-based discrimination, marginalization, and violence, including unequal access to education and opportunities for leadership and participation.’ @the_help_nepal_appeal aims to empower the youth of Nepal through our Student Leadership Program and 'Save a Child' Sponsorship Program, to give scholarships to youth who cannot afford to attend school. Dhanyabad (thank-you) for joining our journey ♡ #empowerment #lifecoach #travel #inspiration #motivationalspeaker #bebrave #bevulnerable #bekind #blogger #youtube #coach #health #fitness #humanitarian #teacher #live #love #coaching #makeadifference #education #volunteer #liveforothers #changemaker #positive #charity #nepal #australia #happiness #goodcause #bethechange

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  • Hi! We're a new charity in Wigan 😄 Do you know someone who needs a special driver to keep them out & about?
    14-Sep-2017 16:56:04 PM
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I don't always eat healthy, I miss workouts, drink occasionally, feel bloated, etc. I don't set an unrealistic image for myself to live up to 24/7 and I'm always happy with myself regardless😊 one thing I do have though is consistency. Even when I "fall off track" I'm able to motivate myself to get back to it! This is 🔑 for getting and staying in shape💪🏼 My full diet plan with meals, snacks, calories/macros and how to track your own is available on the link in my bio!🍍💗
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so the winners of the giveaway were picked! was supposed to pick 3, but I picked 9 because I'm a sucker for you guys and love you all so much 😭❤️. for those who didn't win and still want the guide I'm doing a 48 hour flash sale ⚡️use code: "PEACHY" 🍑 to get 15% off 💃🏼 ayeeeee holla 4 a dollaaaa 🙆🏼 link in bio ❤️ ‼️comment a "🍑" down below if you want more giveaways leading up to the release of a few new things with the EZFitGuide 😉💃🏼‼️ #MyPhoneIsBiggerThanMyFace #ThrowBackBcStomachFluHasMeFlat #gymsharkwomen #flexonem #ezfitguide #ezfg
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Had an amazing time at the @mrolympiallc last weekend! Really enjoyed meeting everyone. Had to make sure I walked through the expo shirtless and hit the Zyzz pose in the middle of it before I left! Lol
At the beginning of recovery gaining weight seemed like the hardest part. Now gaining weight seems easy, because it is. It really is, you eat enough, you gain weight. Simple. But when I was stuck in the darkness of anorexia it seemed like the hardest thing in the world. Each kilo was devastating. Every time my clothes fit differently was the end of the world. And I say this because it's important to remember and acknowledge how it used to be so I can say that it gets better and it's not an empty promise. It really does get better. Credit: @hllylzbth