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    10-Oct-2017 00:17:49 AM
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CUT TRANSFORMATION! Fitness doesn’t always have to be about being the leanest, but I had a goal and stuck to it! 💪🏼 Here are my results from the “cut” I’ve done the past few months. May⏩Recent! Making progress doesn’t have to mean being miserable eating low calorie or doing hours of cardio!! 😔 I look forward to my early morning training! I’m SUPER happy with the my body and actually feel SO MUCH HEALTHIER in the right photo! My goals are now to focus on maintaining my shape & seeing the definition! Find what you love and work at it everyday 💪🏼🤗
Simples né😂😂😂😂
Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live! -Bob Marley Captured by: @cheyannemolinaa
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How Often Should You Be Training with Drop-Sets??? - First off I'll define a drop-set for anyone who is unfamiliar. A drop-set is exactly what I did in this video: perform a normal working set of an exercise and immediately decrease weight and repeat an additional set. - Drop-sets are normally used as a burnout or finisher. You can perform 1 at the very end of your workout or even perform one at the end of each exercise on the last set. - Sometimes I like to perform every set as a dropset within 1 exercise that I really want to focus on. An example of this would be performing 5 sets of lateral dumbbell raises with reps 10 and 10. - 👉For More Strategies to Take Your Workouts to the Next Level, Enroll in My 8 Week Program! Link in BIO: @aaron_nimmo -
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You can always get more money, But you can’t get more time. Life is a collection of experiences, make the most of your time. @circulrco #WristTakers