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    14-Sep-2017 07:34:10 AM
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It’s time for my favorite tradition #thanksgivingclapback
The most inspirational video ever! #motivationalmonday (Tag a friend who could use this)
Pokemon: Rated E for everyone. Woah woah WOAH gamefreak can you please chill out but don't chill as much as Pikachu, Slowpoke and pyukumuku. Jk I don't think they're frozen, I'm pretty sure they're dead. I can't be the ONLY one who wants GF To make a more mature Pokemon game right? They've showed us they can play on the darker side. I think it would do pretty well. Press F to pay respect #Pokemon #Pokedex #Lol #Anime #Tumblr #Tumblrpost #Pikachu #SM #Funnies
Yay or neigh
How should have WB/DC worked around having to digitally remove the Superstache with CGI? Just start drawing it on in the comics! —— Art by @locustyears
Let’s be reasonable here mom