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Part 2/3 Introducing first of its kind "The Gym Song" Experience the synergy of Music & Fitness. Full Video on YouTube : The Gym Song by Gold's Gym India Directed by: Sakshat Dalvi Starring: Terence Lewis & Ishq Bector Director of Photography: Shashank Suman Song & Music: Ishq Bector Lyrics: Ishq Bector & Sonny Ravan Mix/Master: Amarjeet Singh Editor: Rajesh shah Creative Supervision: Mahrukh Dumasia Concept: Rohit More Project Management: Anupama Gulati Post Production: Eye Focus Studio (Vijay-Dinesh) Choreography: Sally Salim for Terence Lewis contemporary dance Company Make-Up: Sachin Ghankutkar Dancers:  Nishant, Dixit, Mahendra, Sumit, Suraj, Pratik, Aric Master Parcour: Bala(Suresh- Kings United) Produced by: Befukre Films Pvt. Ltd. #GoldsGym #GoldsGymIndia #GoldsSong #GymSong #WorkoutSong #CardioSong #HappyWOrkout #Fitness #FitIndia #Health #125GymsStronger #YouComeFirst #Motivation #Passion #GoldsTurns15 #GoldsFitIndiaMovement
➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ Been fortunate enough to work with in excess of 1000 clients in a one-on-one basis over the course of the ten years I’ve been a coach. Here are a few who have changed their lives. - It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start. Most people don’t. I didn’t, and my clients didn’t either. But you do need to actually make a start. Eat less, move more, or incorporate a combination of both. - You don’t need the perfect meal plan, the most beast-mode training program, the perfect time in your life, or to spend thousands of dollars on supplements every month. You don’t even need a trainer - all these things can help, a lot even, but they aren’t imperative to succeed. - You are in control of your own outcome. You don’t have to choose to continue living beneath your means & your full potential. You don’t need to live carrying excess weight if you don’t want to. You don’t need to live being weaker, smaller, less confident or more anxious than you need to be. - You’re not alone - so many people, including me, have been where you might be right now, feeling more lost than ever, or even just a little confused. But you will always have the power to change that. Getting bitter about a lack of progress isn't an acceptable response, it's an ignorant one. You have the power to alter your outcome. You can do something about it. - If you’re lost or looking for direction, register for the HyperDBS FREE Trial (link in bio). It gives you all the tools you need to build more muscle, burn more fat & live more life. Life is too short to not be the most confident version of yourself. If you’re ready to truly step it up, then head to & hear the stories of my most successful clients. There’s no reason you can’t change your life too. #LifestyleGains #Gains #Transformation
Me and the mentor himself ok ok I know I used a cheatcode getting @richgaspari to guide me to the stage and it worked like a charm I will elaborate tomorrow !!! I will do my full thank you tomorrow but for now I want to thank @jessiekeller24 for her support and love day in and day out @timmsbobby my father who keeps me grounded even until this day @newark82 for supporting me in every aspect in life and allowing me to grow with all of my endeavours @manny_fit who is truly the best best friend anyone could have trolls beware because when he gets a hold of you it's no holds barred @bangemout_fitness for getting me into the game of bodybuilding elaboration will come tomorrow but for now imma chill!!! #2xferrignochamp #motivation #instahealth #instagramfitness #inspiration #healthy #instafitness #bodybuilding #igfitness #diet #getfit #strong #abc #fit #figure #bodybuilder #hardbody #determination #lifestyle #fitnessmodel #instagood #fitspo #prilaga #physique #fitness #6pack #workout #fitnessfreaks #healthychoices #health
➡️ Ketemu Left Backnya Semen Padang di ajang lari Borobudur Marathon 2017. Catatan waktunya 49 menit untuk 10 KM... well done sam @novansetya2 . . . . . #borobudur #borobudurmarathon #bjbm2017 #run #running #healthy #health #adidas #adidasindonesia #adidasrunning #healthylifestyle #medal . . . . . @adidas @adidasindonesia @adidasrunning