Added some ahh! Real monsters to the nicktoons upper thigh theme iv been chipping away at. Super please on how everything has been healing and coming together. Ahh real monsters was one of my favorites growing up. Done with @eternalink and @fkirons spektraxion #bodyart #color #colortattoo #eternalink #eternalinksponsoredartist #follow #fkirons #fkironsproteam #ahhrealmonsters #ickis #krumm #ink #nicktoons #nickelodeon #classic #90s #tattoo #tattoos #tattooart #tattooartist

  • Dope!!!
    14-Sep-2017 09:57:00 AM
  • Sooooo dope my friend keep it up bro you are truly an amazing artist love your work @audie_tattoos
    14-Sep-2017 10:18:50 AM
  • 14-Sep-2017 11:19:58 AM
  • This is sick @mattlewis_tattoo
    14-Sep-2017 12:02:02 PM
  • @themoshlozar do I need this
    14-Sep-2017 12:07:33 PM
  • @jordanxferrer check this out.
    14-Sep-2017 12:31:56 PM
  • 14-Sep-2017 12:47:18 PM
  • 14-Sep-2017 12:51:34 PM
  • 14-Sep-2017 13:46:20 PM
  • Loves ittt @u_be6_i_be9
    14-Sep-2017 14:02:37 PM
  • 14-Sep-2017 14:29:09 PM
  • Fookin'phenomenal
    14-Sep-2017 15:05:13 PM
  • This is awsome!!
    14-Sep-2017 15:39:03 PM
  • @jrtswish25 👀👀
    14-Sep-2017 15:48:43 PM
  • Haha awesome!
    14-Sep-2017 17:25:42 PM
  • 14-Sep-2017 18:28:36 PM
  • 14-Sep-2017 19:36:48 PM
  • @raananlewis new ideas for your next string of tattoos lol
    14-Sep-2017 19:57:44 PM
  • @chana_leah done and done!
    14-Sep-2017 19:58:35 PM
  • @jdubs9109 that is so cool! 90s nostalgia 😩
    14-Sep-2017 19:58:38 PM
  • 14-Sep-2017 20:02:38 PM
  • That's cool! @angey16
    14-Sep-2017 21:55:34 PM
  • Yessss! Sick work!!! 👌🏻🤘🏻
    14-Sep-2017 21:59:49 PM
  • 14-Sep-2017 22:41:26 PM
  • @dropinthesea91 I know!! Ren and Stimpy!!
    15-Sep-2017 01:43:11 AM
  • 15-Sep-2017 03:48:42 AM
  • Clean! 👌🔥💯
    15-Sep-2017 08:09:34 AM
  • Wow
    15-Sep-2017 12:28:34 PM
  • This is fucken awesome
    15-Sep-2017 17:40:44 PM
  • Where u out of? Sweet work
    16-Sep-2017 01:39:19 AM
  • 16-Sep-2017 03:11:31 AM
  • 16-Sep-2017 14:10:23 PM
  • best tattoo EVER
    17-Sep-2017 05:35:14 AM
  • @cfinkel next time we're in California we should try to get an appointment with this guy😍😍😍
    19-Sep-2017 18:54:03 PM
  • @jfinkelshteyn yes, a million times yes! 😍😍😍😍
    19-Sep-2017 18:55:25 PM
  • 19-Sep-2017 23:42:11 PM
  • @taylorforester_ this makes me think of you! Ahh! Real monsters!
    20-Sep-2017 20:28:40 PM
  • Hahaha yesss @jessicasinyardhair oh my gosh! I miss you 😂
    21-Sep-2017 02:39:05 AM
  • 21-Sep-2017 11:11:52 AM
  • @taylorforester_ I miss you too!!!
    21-Sep-2017 12:36:08 PM
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