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What’s everyone reading this weekend?? 📚✨
-Büyünce geçer dedikleri şey mutluluktu herhalde.🚬 Arkadaşlar sayfamıza destek amaçlı nokta (.) alkışda (👏) olsa dahi yorum atmanızı rica ediyorum. ⤵︎ ✔ ✔Daha fazlası için ✔ @1ayrilikAcisi#turkey #live #söz #love #mavi #şarkı #sevgi #özlüsözler #aşk #şiir #şiirsokakta #edebiyat #siirsokakta #siirsokakta #like #geceyenot #follow #özlerimki #hikaye #siirduragidir #book #bookstagram #followme #şems #müzik #goodevening #kitaplık #kütüphane #books
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{Crimson Peak 2015} I've never seen this movie, but many people have requested it for #perioddramahalloween! It looks interesting, but there are just a few turn offs in it that even Tom Hiddleston can't make up for 😂 After marrying the charming and seductive Sir Thomas Sharpe, young Edith (Mia Wasikowska) finds herself swept away to his remote gothic mansion in the English hills. Also living there is Lady Lucille, Thomas' alluring sister and protector of her family's dark secrets. Able to communicate with the dead, Edith tries to decipher the mystery behind the ghostly visions that haunt her new home. As she comes closer to the truth, Edith may learn that true monsters are made of flesh and blood.
🎉 GIVEAWAY ALLERT! Nothing gives more meaning to us as a company driven by a mission to know that we’re positively impacting people’s lives 💗 We’re constantly looking for the best ways to share world-class content on the personal development field with you. And from the feedback we’ve been receiving on Instagram, we know that you guys LOVE books. So do we. 😉 We selected the top 5 personal growth books we believe it will awaken your transformation and change radically your perspective on life, and we’re giving them away. From us, to you. . The books? . 1. Stealing fire by Steven Kotler 2. The Four Agreements by @donmiguelruiz 3. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by @vishen 4. The Monk who sold his Ferrari by @robinsharma 5. Conversations with God, book 1, by @nealedonaldwalsch . To enter, simply... 1- Follow @mindvalley 2- Like this post 3- Tag 3 friends who may want to win these books . For extra entry points: - Repost this on your Instagram story and tag @mindvalley - Share this post on your main account, using the hashtag #mindvalley . Giveaway ends on October 1st at 11 pm PST. . Good luck everyone! 🙂
New Books 🍂 . . . I've been so excited about reading so far this fall, so I decided to buy MORE BOOKS. And yes, this is my 16th copy of Gatsby 💁🏻 . . . #books #bookstagram #bookhaul #stephenking #celesteng #jamesbaldwin #georgeorwell #thegreatgatsby #fscottfitzgerald
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Words to live by @w0rd_p0rn Tag someone to inspire! #mindsetofgreatness
Gratitude is so gangsta. Www.LatieshaCook.Com
Colorado is known for mountains🏔, hiking🎒, camping⛺️, beer🍻, and the great outdoors - this week on the #UnitedStatesOfBooks, we're reading a gorgeous book (that’s boulder than life!) under the stars. 🌟 . . . In Peter Heller's THE DOG STARS, Hig somehow survived the flu pandemic that killed everyone he knows. Now his wife is gone, his friends are dead, and he lives in the hangar of a small abandoned airport with his dog, Jasper, and a mercurial, gun-toting misanthrope named Bangley. . . . Find more books set in Colorado via the link in our bio! 📚 . . . We're happy to offer another @homesick candle giveaway! LIKE this post and TAG two friends for chance to win this Colorado candle! 🕯 Giveaway ends 9/24. Full rules here: . . . #colorado #coloradolife #coloradolove #coloradoliving #hiking #bookstagram #amreading #bookworm #books #instabook #booknerd #bookrec
“your body isn’t a temple, it’s a home you’ll live in forever. take care of it.” -Colin Wright
“Night Triumphant - and the Stars Eternal. If he was the sweet, terrifying darkness, I was the glittering light that only his shadows could make clear.”💜 Happy weekend lovelies!!💙 What are you all reading today? I'm currently rereading Poison Study by Maria V Snyder and I’m really enjoying it!😍🙌🏻 I’ve been meaning to reread this series for the longest time since I barely remember anything about the story, and I wanted to read the new books that were added to the original series! Have you guys read this books? Let’s chat in the comments!💕 /// Feliz fin de semana amigos!!💙 ¿Qué andan leyendo el día de hoy? Yo estoy releyendo Poison Study de Maria V Snyder y me está gustando mucho!😍🙌🏻 Vengo queriendo releer estos libros desde hace mucho tiempo ya que básicamente no me acuerdo nada de la historia, y además tenía muchas ganas de leer los nuevos libros que se agregaron a la trilogía original! Alguno de ustedes los leyó? Hablemos en los comentarios!💕 • • • { #acomaf #acotar #acourtofmistandfury #acowar #acourtofwingsandruin #acourtofthornsandroses #sarahjmaas #throneofglass #bookquotes #bookstagramappreciation #bookstagramfeatures #bookishfeatures #bookaholic #instabooks #booklion #shelf #library #books #📚 #shelfie #yafantasy #fantasybooks #yabooks #booknookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookquotes #tog #feysand #bookstagrammers #caraval #throneofglass #quotes}
Be free my friends!!! . Live your life how you want to, because you're the only one writing in the pages of your book! . If you are with someone, be with someone that is wild with you, that allows you to be your true self and encourages you to live out the life you dreamed of. Then go hand in hand moving forward and step through those unknown pages and write a life together that will never be forgotten. . Even though two people come together, it doesn't mean that they become one person, it means that it's two individual people with their own strengths and weaknesses combining forces to walk through life and are seen as one because they are filled with love, joy, passion and a want to be together. . DEFINE YOURSELF!! . #flyabovethestorm
It's the weekend, which for me means a new #food and #books combo post! (Swipe to see the goodies if you wish) It's autumn, it's apple picking season, so this week I've been making spicy apple crumble. My suggested reading for this recipe is The Taste of Apple Seeds, and for those of you who enjoy my cooking, should you wish to hear me ramble on about apples and show the extremely basic steps to make this delicious treat, the link to the blog post is once again in my bio on my main page, where there are lots more pretty pictures. Let me know if you try it 🍎 no obligation though, just for the foodies amongst us 😉 . #book #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booklove #booklover #bibliophile #bookworm #bookaddict #bookworm #cooking #homecooking #food #foodblog #recipes #homecooking #homebaking #writerswhocook #apples #applecrumble
Finished. #Books!
Nothing is worse than a missed opportunity, double tap if you agree! 🙌 #wisdomelevation
HAPPY BI VISIBILITY DAY! 💙💜💖 here are three books w bisexual main characters at the very top of my tbr! I'm going to read ALL OF THEM, because i don't have to choose just one 😜
today was good and productive up until i crashed a few hours ago and now im lying on my bed trying not to think about all the things i have to do shdjdjsbsf also this is completely unrelated but everyone should listen to Only the Wild Ones by Dispatch because what a jam 🎵 what about you guys, have you read/watched/listened to anything good lately? // this weekend is your last chance to enter my giveaway with @jordwatches! the winner will receive a $100 gift code but anyone who enters automatically gets a $25 gift code. you can enter via the link in my bio until 11:59pm Sunday 💛 #jordwatch #jordwatches #woodwatch
The difficulty guides in @cheftimanderson's new book 'Japaneasy' are wonderful. As is his ramen with scallops, bacon and eggs. - - - #Japaneasy #ramen #japanesefood #japanese #instafood #books #cookbook #foodphotography #foodphoto #foodstagram #nikon_photography #scallops
Discover a tail of betrayal and revenge. 🍁🦊🍂📙 . @alexbracken's The Dreadful Tale of #ProsperRedding is available in stores and online! . (📷: @thereaderbee
🌺Olá semideuses!🌺 • Bom, hoje vim trazer uma novidade para o ig 😊. É um desafio, no qual, o único intuito é a gente descobrir novos títulos, autores e sinopses, à partir de temas aleatórios que serão postados semanalmente, e em cada um deles, haverá uma certa dificuldade, para nos ajudar a escolher livros desconhecidos, ou até mesmo os esquecidos na estante para nos ajudarem a cumprir os desafios. Esse desafio foi nomeado "Diário Criativo" e com ele, espero interação, para que juntos, possamos compartilhar experiências literárias, e fotos diferentes. Já adianto, que os temas serão complexos, onde será preciso uma grande criatividade para encontrar os livros, ou temas que cada desafio exigir. 🍁 Não é obrigatório cumprir todos os desafios, vocês podem escolher o que mais gostarem, e assim, postarem à partir deste. 🍁 O uso da tag " #DiarioCriativo" será importante para todos os participantes possam ver outras fotos, e interagirem, distribuindo muito amor! 🍁 E aí, o que acharam dessa ideia, posso contar com vocês? Vamos conversar aqui em baixo! 👇💕😉 • Parcerias marcadas na foto e aqui em baixo! • @imaginalivros @lipebooks @notavelleitura @uma_geminiana @unybooks @estantedaste @bb.alencar @samanta4591 @laryssahanna @miasouza_ @diariodetresleitoras @literathriller @miro.ogramac • ⚠Não consegui marcar todo mundo, mas todos estão convidados para participar.⚠
👊 💭 23-я книга из 999 книг 📚 #ЦельПрочесть999книг 📌 Хэл Кёрли "Руководство Ультра Марафонца" 📖 Объём книги 170 страниц. ⏰Время прочтения 2 часа 11 минут (хочешь читать так же быстро и запоминать то, что читаешь пиши мне, я научу тебя. Мои контакты в описании профиля или в Direct)Пиши мне. Если нужна сама книга или её ВыЖЖымка, то так же сообщи мне . Ставь лайк вместо спасибо 😉 (тебе несложно, мне +1 кг. мотивации к чтению)❤ и читай мой отзыв о книге . Цитата Книгожора 📎 из книги: Золотое правило ультрабегунов: если вы думаете, что начали гонку слишком медленно, значит, вам стоит замедлиться еще сильнее . Рецензия КНИГОЖОРА: На эмоциях после сегодняшнего забега 🔥, медалей 🥇 и вообщем драйва, полученного на Воронежском Марафоне я не удержался и прочёл запоем книгу 📖 "Руководство Ультрамарафонца". Друг мой - ЭТО БОМБА💣!!! Мой воспалённый бегом мозг купался в оргазмических потоках 💥 новой информации. Из всей книги наверное воды всего лишь страниц 10 и то в начале👏, когда идёт вступление об авторе и в конце благодарности . Автор заядлый дрочер по теме ультрамарафонов😃))) На его счету уже больше 130 забегов на дистанцию превышающую марафонскую. Вообщем товарищ прошёл и крым и рым и медные трубы . Это действительно пошаговая методологическая инструкция 💪 (я наслаждаюсь прям от этого и возбуждаюсь в самых непристойных местах) по тому, как подготовить себя с дистанции в 100 метров с отдышкой и плевками легкими до 100 километрового забега . Тут тебе и выбор обуви 👟 и как уберечь свои коленочки и ногти (беда всех бегунов на большие дистанции это либо чёрные ногти👣, либо их полное отсутствие) будет рассказано на понятном языке. Как собрать с собой косметичку бегуна 👛 и что лучше есть на каких дистанциях, в каких количествах. Как справлять нужду 💦 даже есть несколько крутых методов, которые потребуют меньше времени ⏳ на мотание хоботом по кустам, а дамам не придётся щемиться по всем дыркам, что ни дай боже кто увидел попку ⤵⤵⤵
İyi akşamlar 😍 #HasretindenPrangalarEskittim #AhmedArif Terketmedi sevdan beni, Aç kaldım, susuz kaldım,  Hayın, karanlıktı gece, Can garip, can suskun, Can paramparça... Ve ellerim, kelepçede,  Tütünsüz, uykusuz kaldım,  Terketmedi sevdan beni... ~ Seviyorsun mümkün  Aranızda kurşun  Yasak bölgeler var Sen genç  Sevdan ölünecek kadar güzel  Kanunu yapanlar ihtiyar... ~ ~ 📷 Kişisel: @gonca.ozgul 🎥 Youtube: Gonca Özgül ✉ gonca.ozgul98 📖 ~